DNS Name Does Not Exist in Windows 10

Hello, Please let me know that why my DNS Name Does Not Exist in Windows 10. When i am trying to install then it's happening. Help me.

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Fix DNS Name Does Not Exist in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most advanced operating system released by Microsoft. It is widely used by many users due to its advanced features. Windows 10 is the series of personal computer operating system and it is the successor of Windows 8.1. One of the windows 10 exciting features is, it supports the universal application. Windows 10 is more secure windows ever and it’s providing comprehensive protection at no extra cost. The windows 10 update rollout automatically via windows update. As you know that so many users use windows 10 operating system in tablet and in some other devices.

In windows 10 various problems might be solved by downloading and running PC repair tool. This software will repair common errors  and protect from the file loss , malware and any kind of hardware failure. This repair tool also optimize your personal computer performance . for fixing your Personal computer problem by following steps which are:

  • First download the PC repair tool from the trusted website
  • Thereafter click on the scan button to find the windows issues which might causing PC problem
  • Thereafter click on the repair all button to fix the issue with the patented technologies 

Many people from around the world are accessing the internet. We are authorized to access the internet from all over around the globe. We can also contact with other planets with the help of the internet. There are many activities are depending on the internet to run the connection smoothly and this is not always the case and users from all around the world are encountering connection issues. Most of the people face error code which is the DNS name does not exist and this error code block access of the internet and in this blog we are explaining step by step solution to resolve this error code:

Solution of  DNS name does not exist error code:

Changes the https:

Most of the user reported that they have changed from http to https and the problem has been solved.

Uses of Google DNS Server:

Sometimes your internet service provider DNS server might be the factor behind this for generating this error code. So you have to use Google’s public DNS in place of ISP DNS.  Follow the below steps to change the ISP DNS to Google DNS.

  • First open the network connection and locate your connection. After locating, you need to right click on the network connection and select it properties.
  • Thereafter select internet protocol version 4 TCP/IPv4) and then open properties
  • Thereafter select use of the following DNS server address and set as the preferred DNS server and as the alternate DNS Server and once you are done with this click on OK
  • In the alternatively, some users are suggesting to use as the preferred DNS server and as the alternate DNS Server

Use another browser: 

As we have earlier spoke in the beginning of the article, this error page appears only on the Microsoft edge and so make this issue a thing of the past, you need to surf the internet through another browser. Either you can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other browser. We recommend UR browser which is for enhancing privacy protection and top-notch reliability. Basically UR is the very lightweight browser which is used to protect data  and also you have an error free online experience.

Disable the IPv6:

Internet protocol version 6 is the most recent version of the internet protocol and the communication protocol which provides the identification and location system for the computer on the specified network and route the traffic across the internet. This IPv6 is developed to deal with long anticipated problem of IPv4. So disabling the IPv6 features might help you to fix  the DNS server is not responding error code.

The easiest way to disable IPv6 on the windows operating system is via network sharing center. For disabling it first open it and then navigate into the control panel and then click view network status and task  which is reside under the network and internet and thereafter click on the connection ie Ethernet and thereafter in your connection status window click on the properties and in your connection properties window first find the IPv6 and then unmark the checkbox to disable it. Click on the OK button to save changes and lookout that will this procedure has solved your problem or not.

This is the detailed document on DNS Name Does Not Exist in Windows 10 issue with its several resolutions. If you still feel that these above solutions are not worth for you then you need to go FAQ related with this error code.

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