How do I Find my USB Drivers on Windows 7?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know how do I find my USB drivers on windows 7? I don't know how to find it. I tried many times but unable to find it. Help me.


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Find My USB Drivers on Windows 7:

If a USB driver has not already been loaded using the LecNet2 Device Installer, When a LecNet2 device is connected to a Windows 7 machine for the first time, Windows may complain it was unable to find one.

To directly download the LecNet2 USB driver using Windows 7's Device Manager, adhere to the Find my USB Drivers on Windows 7 procedures below.

Step 1: Insert the CD-ROM drive of the PC with the LecNet2 installation disc inside.

Step 2: Select the Control Panel by opening the Windows Start menu. After choosing System as well as Security, go to Device Manager:

The gadget will appear beneath "Other gadgets." A DM84 has been linked to the computer in this case. To upgrade the driver software, right-click the device and then choose that option from the pop-up menu:

The wizard for updating driver software will launch.

Step 3: To proceed, select Browse my computer for driver software.

Step 4: Select the CD-ROM drive containing the LecNet2 installation disc by clicking the Browse button. In this instance, the D: the drive was chosen. To continue, select Include subfolders and then click Next.

Once Windows locates the necessary driver on the configuration disc, the setup will start:

The Wizard's last page will be displayed after the driver installation is finished.

Step 5: To close, tap. The LecNet2 device can now be connected to. The recently installed devices would appear with in Device Manager underneath "Universal Serial Bus controllers".

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