How do I Fix Blue Screen Windows 7?

Hello Guys,Please let me know how do i fix blue screen windows 7?I don't know how to fix it.I tried many times but unable to fix me

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Fix Blue Screen Windows 7

A blue screen occurs when Windows experiences a ‘STOP Error.’ This critical failure causes Windows to crash and stop working. To fix blue screen Windows 7 errors then go through this post.

Guidelines to Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 7

Here are some ways to fix blue screen Windows 7:

1. Install the Latest Drivers

Drivers are important to your computer because they allow the operating system on your computer and other applications to connect and communicate with the hardware.

Without updated drivers, your computer does not have the knowledge and resources to understand these connections.

You may need to update new drivers when you are installing video or audio options, games, printers, or mouses.

2. Install Updates

An alternative way to fix and prevent the Windows 7 blue screen of death is to regularly update your computer. To do this go to the start menu and find the ‘Update & security section. Next Click Check for updates.’ From there you can select and install updates.

3. Run Startup Repair

The startup repair function in Windows 7 is similar to other versions of Windows. This is a recovery tool used to fix blue screen Windows 7 or any issues that may prevent Windows 7 from booting up correctly.

This function is run automatically during startup if any issues are found during the startup cycle that prevents the computer from finishing the normal process.

It is important to make a system recovery backup prior to running startup repair. To start the repair, insert your system repair or installation CD and turn off your computer.

Wait about a minute, and turn your computer back on. You may need to configure BIOS to change the boot order for your PC.

4. System Restore

System restore provides you with a backup of your computer prior to any changes being made.

Think of it as rolling back any change that you may have made recently to the restore point the computer was at before the change was made.

This gets you back to the point the computer was before you made the change.

This includes anything you recently installed or uninstalled, driver updates, and other actions that could have been taken.

This will not usually impact your personal files, but it’s always a good idea to have important files backed up.

5. Fix Memory or Hard Disk Errors

Memory errors can happen to cause your computer to lose information or stop working. There are a variety of different things that can cause memory issues.

Windows has a memory diagnostic tool that tests the RAM in your computer to make sure everything is working correctly.

Hard Disc Errors

There are many issues that can cause your hard disc to fail. Some of the most common issues include physical damage from water, heat, or force.

Malware infections and corrupted files can also harm your hard disc.

Hard discs are part of the mechanical operations of the computer which means that they can also fall victim to normal wear and tear.

Hard discs can be subject to user error as well if a user updates certain files or installs the incorrect operating system.

6. Fix Master Boot Record

Windows 7 blue screen of death can sometimes occur due to having trouble sending information to identify your operating system.

To fix the Master Boot Record, place the windows 7 installation disk into your computer and boot your computer. When options appear, select ‘Repair your computer’. From the options shown, select ‘command prompt.’ When the command Remove the disc and restart your computer.

7. Reinstall Windows 7

Because it runs so many functions and processes, windows 7 can slow down over time. Having software on your computer that you are not using can be a factor as well as not performing regular computer maintenance to take care of your computer.

To reinstall windows 7, use the same disc from the Startup Repair and Master Boot Record steps that came with Windows 7. Boot your computer once this disc has been inserted. Click the ‘install now’ button underneath Windows 7. Follow the instructions from there.

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