How do I Fix No Audio Output Device is Installed Windows 10?

Hello, Please let me know how to fix No audio output device is installed Windows 10?. I don't know how to resolve it. Help me.

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Fix No Audio Output Device Is Installed Windows 10

The next time you see the red cross over the sound or audio icon in windows 10, it either means that sound card is not installed or there’s an issue with your system’s sound. If you get “No audio output device is installed” error, that means there is a problem with the sound card hardware or the device driver.

Run the Audio Trouble-shooter

You can also try to run in built windows audio trouble-shooter in order to fix No audio output device is installed Windows 10. Here’s how you do it:

  • Click on windows key + X to open the search box
  • Click on Trouble-shooter from the search box and press Enter
  • Click on view all
  • Click on playing audio
  • Now follow the on screen instructions to complete the audio troubleshooting process.

 Set up the Device Manager

Device manager can be another trouble shooter which can help to fix No audio output device is installed Windows 10. Below is your guide on how to fix it up.

  • Click on windows key + R and type devmgmt.mcs in the run dialogue box to open the device manager
  • Scroll down and search for “sound, video and game controllers” and follow the on screen instructions
  • In the add hardware wizard window, click on the Next
  • Click on “search for and install hardware automatically” and then click on Next
  • Navigate down and locate the “sound, video and game controllers”
  • Select and click on Next
  • Choose your audio card and click on Next.
  • Install the audio driver and click on finish
  • Right click on the audio device and select enable
  • Take a test whether the problem is resolved or not. If it still exists, then click on uninstall to remove the audio driver
  • Then restart the computer and save the changes followed by audio driver automatically.

Reinstall the Audio Device

  • Go to Run- devmgmt.msc. Device manager will appear on the screen. The shortcut to open device manager is windows key+X+M
  • Uninstall the audio drivers by clicking on “sound and video game controller” or “audio input-output devices”
  • Click on “scan for hardware changes” inside Action menu after the installation is completed. This will automatically detect the audio device again and install its drivers.
  • Restart your computer or your audio device if you still see the red cross on the volume icon
  • Go to Run> services.msc and check the services displaying audio or sound options and test by restarting it.

Update the Audio Driver

Sometimes updating your audio driver might be a big help to fix No audio output device is installed Windows 10

  • Click on windows key + X and then on Device manager
  • Scroll down and select “sound video and game controllers” and test your audio device here
  • Select your audio device by right clicking on it and then on update driver
  • Click on “search automatically for updated software” and windows will automatically scan the computer to look for updates
  • Once the update is done, system will be back with the audio
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