How do I Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10?

Hello Everyone, Please let me know that How do I recover permanently deleted files in windows 10? I don't know how to recover it. I tried many times but unable to recover it. Help me.

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Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10

You should always have your essential data backed up as there are very few ways to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10. When you delete a file or a folder in your system, it goes straight to the recycle bin, and it is easy to recover a file or a folder from there. But when you delete a file or a folder using Shift + Delete key combination or when you click on “empty the recycle bin”, the files and folders are permanently deleted from your system.

However, below we have shown you a few steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10 carefully and safely. 

1. Through a Backup

  1. Firstly, check for the recent backup and then restore your permanently deleted files in your Windows 10. Now to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10, follow the below steps:

  2. Go to the control panel and then to ‘System and Maintenance. 
  3. Hit the Backup and Restore (Windows 7)’ option and click on ‘Restore my files.’
  4. Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 
  5. (if you don’t see “Restore my files” option, then click on ‘Select another backup to restore files from’ and follow the restore wizard.

2. By restoring previous versions

  1. Another way to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10, is to check the file history. Here are the steps to prevent:

  2. Firstly, right-click on the folder that contains all the permanently deleted files or folders.
  3. Now click on the ‘Restore previous versions option.
  4. Select the one dated when files were there among the available versions.
  5. Click on the ‘Restore’ or drag & drop the desired version at any location on the system.

(Note: Use an external storage drive to prevent data overwriting in case the desired files are not found in the restored version.)

3. Deleted File Recovery through File Recovery Software

  1. Download Stellar Data Recovery software and install the software on an external USB drive to prevent it from it overwriting.

  2. Next, launch the software and click on the ‘All Data’ or select a specific file type from the available options and click ‘Next.’
  3. Go to the location from where the files were deleted and then select a particular folder from common areas or among the connected drives.
  4. After that, click on Scan.
  5. To Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10, Click on the “can’t find drive” if you cannot find drive volume in the available list.
  6. Once the scanning is over, you will see the files listed in the tree view pattern in the left pane. Elaborate the tree to place desired files or click the ‘File Type’ tab to sort files quickly.
  7. Now through the search bar, locate the files and check for the file preview before you save it.
  8. If you can’t find the files you want, then click ‘Click here’ link at the bottom to run ‘Deep Scan.’

Lastly, choose the files you want to recover and then click on the Recover > Browse’ and choose a save location. Click ‘Start Saving.’

We hope the above article helped you to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10. Also, make sure that you create a backup for a safe side to prevent the file loss in the future. On the contrary, data recovery software (stellar data recovery software) is also a big help while recovering the permanently deleted files. It helps to recover the formatted data and deleted files. It is one of the best tools for data recovery.

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