How do we Remove the Deep Freeze from Windows 10?

Hello Everyone, Please let me know that How do we remove the deep freeze from Windows 10? I am facing this issue last 1 month I don't know how to remove it. Help me.


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Remove the Deep Freeze from Windows 10

Computer security is a matter of utmost concern. Therefore, one should take it very seriously. If you are someone who wants to protect his or her system from malware infections, then install deep freeze to protect your system.

If you do so, then your system will be restored to the original pre-set configuration after reboot. This way, if any malware or virus tries to harm your system, then they will get removed.

However, deleting this application from your system is an uphill task. You can't just get rid of the app by clicking on uninstall. Things get even worse when you are not able to recall the password that secures the app.

This is expected from a malware protection app as it is the function of this app to not let anyone compromise your system. Nevertheless, if you have decided that you want to remove the deep freeze from Windows 10, then take a look below. 

How to Remove the Deep Freeze from Windows 10 Without a Password?

It is a real headache to uninstall the deep freeze app when you do not know what the password is or you have forgotten the password. The uninstallation of the app is possible. However, the process is not so simple.

The best way to erase the app from your system is to format the hard drive where the app is stored and then install your Windows again. This can result in a huge loss because formatting the drive will not only remove the app but delete all other data present on it.

In case all your precious data is saved on the drive and you cannot take the risk of losing it, then use the BIOS setup utility. First of all, you will have to restart your PC and enter the BIOS setup. This can be done by pressing the DEL, F10, or F2 at the time of restart.

The process to enter the BIOS mode may vary from one system to another. You will see the process to enter the BIOS mode appearing on the screen when you will restart.

Once you enter the BIOS mode, you need to change the system date to a date that is many years before or ahead of the present date. Then, the deep freeze will stop working as it will think that the computer is not in running condition anymore.

Now, save the changes made and restart your PC. At the time of restart, enter the debugging mode. The shortcut key to enter the mode is to press F8 several times in a row. However, it is advised to read out the instructions on the screen to do the same.

When you see the Windows logo on the screen, press alt+ctrl+del keys to launch Task Manager. Now, on your Task Manager, open the processes tab and search for FrzState2K.exe. Click on the process and then press the button of the End Process.

Now, that the app is inactive, you can delete the folder that has Deep Freeze. In the end, you are required to remove the saved registry of Deep Freeze. Just go to the Start menu and then go running, then enter Regedit, and then press Enter. Restart the computer to complete the entire process and then you will finally say goodbye to Deep Freeze.

So, this is what you need to do in order to remove the deep freeze from Windows 10. 

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