How do you Fix a Computer that Won't Turn On?

Hello, Please let me know how do you fix a computer that won't turn on? I am facing some issues to fix a computer that won't turn on. I don't know how to resolve it. Help me.


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Fix a Computer that Won't Turn On

Are you troubled by the problem of computer not turning on? If yes, then you have opened up the right link to look for a solution. Here we are available with the perfect solution to fix a computer that won’t turn on. There can be multiple reasons responsible for why you are not able to turn on your computer system and you are rarely able to find the symptoms related to the problem.

The only sign that you can observe is nothing works and one cannot proceed with just this one sign. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why your computer won’t turn on. Also, we are available with solutions to fix a computer that won’t turn on. 

Reason 1: Issues with Files Stored on Your Computer

People generally panic when they encounter a computer not turning on the issue as they fear that they will lose all their important data. One of the highest possible reasons for a computer to not start is hardware failure but the hardware is not actually a hard drive. In truth, it is that part of your system, which contains all the files. In simple words, your videos, emails, documents, and music are safe but you cannot have access to them presently. 

Reason 2: No Signs of Power are Visible

Mentioned below are some points that you need to carry out if your computer device does not see any signs of power. If you see that there are no lights, no fans on your computer system, laptop, or on your computer’s front. If you are not able to see anything on the front case of your computer. 

Step 1: Check every power switch and ensure that it is turned on. 

Step 2: See if there are any loose or disconnected power wire connections. 

Step 3: Connect your computer system to the power source if it is not connected. 

Step 4: Do a lamp test to check that the power outlet is working properly. 

Step 5: Now in the next step, check that the voltage switch of the power supply is set correctly. 

Step 6: Take out the battery from your tablet or laptop. 

Step 7: Take a good look at the power receptacle on your tab or laptop for damage. 

Step 8: Change the power cable or AC adapter. 

Step 9: Change the CMOS battery

Step 10: Please ensure that the power switch is linked to the motherboard. 

Step 11: Check the power supply. 

Step 12: Test the power button in front of your computer’s case. 

Step 13: In case you are using a desktop, then you need to replace your motherboard. This will start the PC again. 

Reason 3: Computer Turn On and then turns Back Off

Mentioned below are the steps that you are required to follow if your computer turns on and then turns back off. One thing that you need to do to fix a computer that won’t turn on. 

Step 1: Try to find the cause of the beep code if you are able to hear a beep code. The beep will help you identify the cause of the issue. Also, it will give you a good idea about where to look. 

Step 2: Check that the voltage switch of the power supply has been set up perfectly. 

Step 3: Please ensure that your computer is cool enough. 

Step 4: Also, you need to take a look at the electrical shots in your computer system. 

Step 5: After that, in the next step you are required to check the power supply. 

Step 6: Check the power button that is before the case of your computer. Maybe the issue is arising because of the power button. 

Step 7: Reseat power cables, internal data, expansion cards, and memory modules. 

Step 8: Now perform the reseating of your CPU. 

Step 9: Start your computer with important hardware. The main aim is to remove as many hardware as possible.  

Step 10: Reinstall all the hardware which are not important. Checking your computer after every installation is necessary.

Step 11:  Test your own PC and use a power-on self-test card to use it. 

Step 12: Change every piece of essential hardware on your computer system with an equivalent piece of hardware.

Reason 4: Computer Turns On But Nothing Happens

In case you are not able to fix a computer that won’t turn on even when it is receiving power, then these are certain steps that you are required to carry out. 

Step 1: Test your monitor. 

Step 2: Check that your computer system has restarted completely. 

Step 3: After that, you need to apply troubleshooting solutions to fix the beep code. 

Step 4: Clear your CMOS. 

Step 5: Check the power supply switch and see if it is properly setup. 

Step 6: Reseat everything inside your computer. Rest all the steps are the same as given in reason 3. 

Reason 5: Computer Reboots or Stops During the Post

Mentioned below are the steps that you are required to carry out whenever your computer system freezes during the post. 

Step 1: Try to find the cause of the BIOS error message that is appearing before you. 

Step 2: Remove the USB devices and disconnect optical drives. 

Step 3: Clear CMOS. If you clear the BIOS memory on your computer, Then, BIOS will take it back to the factory default settings. If your BIOS is not configured, then it can lock your computer system at the time of posting. 

Step 4:  Check the power supply. There is a chance that all this is happening because of the power supply issue. Rest if the steps are the same as reason 5. 

So, these are a few reasons why your computer won’t turn on and the ways to fix a computer that won’t turn on.

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