How to Add Design and Transitions in Office 365 Presentation?

Hello, Please let me know how to Add Design and Transitions in Office 365 Presentation? When I am trying to Add Design and Transitions in Office 365 Presentation then unable to handle. Can anyone have any idea?

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Solved: Design and Transitions in Office 365 Presentation

Presentations are quite impactful and powerful. A good presentation can yield you applause and appreciation. However, if your presentation is not creative or impactful enough, then your audience can get bored and may wait for it to get over.

Office 365 offers you the most impactful and powerful tool, which is known as powerpoint. A presentation can be created in the slides form. Here in this article, you are going to learn how to add design to transition and slides. 

There are several options that are present on Microsoft office for making presentations. You can remove as well as add slides. An attractive, interesting and beautiful slide can help you get the attention of the audience. Select the design and theme of your chorce and then create your slides accordingly.

When you play the presentation, transitions can create an amazing visual impact. You obviously don’t want your audience to lose interest in you. Designs and transitions can keep your audience interested in the presentation that you are giving.

Why to use transitions and designs?

At the time of making a presentation, you must pick up a theme. Choosing one design or theme will create the format for every slide automatically. Effects can be changed for the given fonts, colors and designs. The transition effects choose style for every slide separately.

There are several transition effects that are present in Office 365. There, you can also see the common list of sounds. After that, you can choose the perfect sound for the transitin effect. Additionally, you can choose one transition for an entire presentation. Moreover, you can select distinct transitions for different slides. 

In order to make a powerpoint presentation interesting and memorable, you are required to add all the things, which include sound effects, transitions and designs. You will have to press the B key to keep your audience awake. Take a look at the guide below in order to make your presentation attractive.

  • Choose the design for your presentation. 

  • Choose the effects, fonts and colors for your presentation. 

  • Select the transition for your presentation

  • In the next step, you are required to choose duration and sound for every transition. 

So this was all about designs and transitions in office 365 presentation. 

Ron Wagner 23 May 2021