How to Change the Email Signature in Outlook for iOS?

It is easy to change the change Email signature in Outlook for iOS, you can add your contact details with a quote on any other relevant information to your signature by default. This article consists of compiled instructions for you that you must adhere to change the Email signature in Outlook for iOS.

Easily Change the Email Signature in Outlook for iOS by Following the Instructions Below.

Step 1: Tap to Launch "The outlook app" on your device

Step 2: Hit up your "Profile icon"

Step 3: Hit the gear icon called "Settings"

Step 4: Scroll down to "Mail section"

Step 5: Hit "Signature"

Step 6: To customise your signature in the desired form do the following

  • Remove any previous signature set as default
  • Firmly press and hold over the signature space in the text box
  • For setting up different e-mail signature for a different account, Toggle on  the "Per account signature"

Step 7: Hit "Back" and close the screen

Manually Edit the Signature as Per your Desire for Every E-mail.

If you have a customised e-mail signature and want to customise it for a few approachable emails. You can,

  1. Scroll down on a drafted email till you reach your signature at the bottom
  2. Edit and customise the signature as per your desire.

Final words.

So now after reading this article we really hope that you can setup a customised signature as per your wish to enhance your brand recognition. Stay tuned for more informative articles.

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