How to Change Your Background in Google Meet before or During a Meeting?

Please let me know how to change your background in Google Meet before or during a meeting. I am facing some issues while using it. Help me.


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Change your Background in Google Meet before or During a Meeting:

Changing your background on Google Meet is always preferable to show a greater sense of participation or to attract due attention from the other participants in the meeting, or you may either want to remove the clutter or the unwanted items being shown in the background while you collaborate in a meeting on Google Meet for which changing the background is always advisable.

Well, whatever happens, to be the reason to “change your background in Google Meet before or during a meeting” it simply requires you to follow a series of some simple steps that will eventually let you “change your background in Google Meet before or during a meeting”. 

Friends, earlier no synchronized or interactive background while collaborating with my colleagues on Google Meet faded my confidence and also distracted me a bit to present my work on Google Meet for discussion which I finally overcame when I resorted to changing the background in Google Meet before or during a meeting using the process prescribed by means of the quick user guide presented here.

So, I would like to urge that you also “change your background in Google Meet before or during a meeting” by adhering to the process enshrined in this quick user which may come in handy for you always.   

Some Technical Prerequisites before you Go on to Change your Google Meet Background

  1. If you wish to “change your background in Google Meet before or during a meeting” on any iOS hardware then you should ensure to use an iPhone 6s or a newer model or you may also use an iPhone with iOS 12 or above installed in it.
  2. When you are willing to use the Google Meet application on your Android device then make sure that your Android device has version P or above coupled with 3GB of RAM and 4CPU cores. It should also be built on the ARM64 Architecture and has to be actually based on the 1.6 GHz CPU clock speed.
  3. You will be able to change the Google Meet background on your Mac only when you are using the Google Chrome browser with version M84 or above for running the Google Meet application.

Changing Google Meet Background before the Commencement of the Meeting 

Step 1 - Just begin by launching the Google Meet application and signing in for the meeting.

Step 2 - You will notice a “Change Background” icon resembling a “head with lines behind” in the bottom-right corner of the Google Meet screen.

Step 3 - Consequently, the “Change Background” menu will be shown wherein you can choose from a variety of options as discussed below:

  1. If you just want to make the background blurred then you must locate and click on the second or third square or tile with the vector symbol of a person well occupied by several dots. 
  2. But if you are willing to have your very own image as your Google Meet background just resort to clicking on the “Plus” sign and continue selecting one preferred image from the cluster of several images stored on your computer.
  3. You may also choose from a range of different images that happen to have been made available by the Google Meet’s collection of stock backgrounds and that appear in the form of different tiles just adjacent to or below the second and third tiles.

Please note that if you don’t want to have any background then you can opt for undoing the already set background simply by clicking on the first square going ahead.  

Changing the Background on Google Meet after you have Joined

Step 1 - Just ensure that you are logged in to join the meeting on Google Meet.

Step 2 - Thereafter, you should click on the three vertical dots resembling the icon displayed on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3 - Now you should continue scrolling up on the menu list that gets displayed to finally click on the “Change Background” option which will eventually open up a sidebar showcasing a number of available images and backgrounds to choose from.

Just select another image to change the background of the Google Meet while you are attending the meeting.

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