7 Safari ad Blockers to Try Right Away?

Are you fed up with seeing ads whenever you use the Safari browser? Well, you are not alone. 

Ads can interrupt your browsing experience and get in the way of what you are doing. That’s not all! Ads can track your browsing behavior and slow things down. 

Luckily, there’s something you can do about this. That something is called an ad blocker. One such ad blocker making a lot of noise is uBlock Origin. The ad blocker is known for its blocking algorithm, which utilizes several predefined filters to block website ads. It is highly popular among Chrome and Firefox users (once upon a time among Safari users as well). But unfortunately, if you wonder how to get uBlock Origin for Safari, the answer is no because the extension is no longer supported since Safari 13. 

There is no need to lose hope because other worthy ad blockers are available for Safari, and some are listed below. Let’s get started. 


Are you seeking a simple ad blocker? Wipr might be up your alley. It is user-friendly with no bells and whistles but can block an extensive range of ads and trackers. It even blocks EU cookie notices and cryptocurrency miners. To ensure not much gets past it, the ad blocker’s blocklist is updated twice a week. 

Do you wish to block ads from streaming sites like YouTube? Enable Wipr Extra so that it gets full website access.

If the ad blocker is purchased in the App Store, you can install it on your iPads and iPhones with the same Apple ID. Likewise, if bought on a Mac, you can install it on all your Macs using the same Apple ID. 

The application is compatible with iPads and iPhones running iOS 12.0 or later and Macs running macOS 10.5 or later. 

Total AdBlock 

Maintain a fantastic browsing experience and protect your privacy online using Total AdBlock. This ad blocker effectively blocks third-party banners, trackers, pop-ups, and video ads on Safari. 

Script blocking is one of the most notable features of this ad blocker, and it blocks ads by filtering via a website’s code. Therefore, ads are blocked even before they appear on the screen. Moreover, it has many filters to help you sieve unwanted content like spam, trackers, cookies, notifications, etc. 

You can get a free 7-day trial before making up your mind. 


1Blocker effectively removes many fingerprinting scripts, trackers, and ads. It utilizes filters to tell Safari everything it should stop in advance. You can set it up without a fuss, and the application’s in-built filters get regular cloud updates. 

The app offers plenty of room for customization. For instance, you can hide a specific element with a CSS selector or allow ads for a specific website while blocking social buttons and trackers. 


AdGuard is a free browser extension that stops all widgets, trackers, and ads. Custom filtering rules can be created, or you can manually remove elements of web pages. In addition, the software issues warnings to help with security and stops you from unintentionally visiting phishing or malicious sites. 

The home screen lets you set up the basics, like update intervals, notification preferences, and which content blockers you want to use. You can even add filters of your choice in the custom area or create custom rules. The software doesn’t collect user data, and it is open-source. 


Ka-Block! is one of the top-rated ad blockers for the Safari browser. It stops ads and trackers so they don’t slow your browsing experience. In addition, the software blocks third-party scripts used by websites, dramatically increasing page load time, battery life, and data usage. The only ick is it doesn’t allow much room for customization. 

Better Blocker 

Better Blocker is a user-friendly privacy tool protecting users against privacy-eroding trackers and ads on the Internet. The software blocks scripts, tracking pixels and behavioral pixels. As a result, it ensures a faster and safer online experience. The only downside of this software is it misses some ads. 


Ghostery is a privacy-related extension, and it is open-source. It focuses on blocking trackers and offers options for setting custom blocking preferences. Paying for a subscription will unlock additional features like comprehensive tracker analysis, an ad-free search engine, and more. 

Although this ad blocker does its job, it might not be as effective as the other ad blockers for Safari on this list.  


If you are not using one already, it is time to pick one immediately. Ad blockers are efficient in increasing security, protecting your privacy, and enhancing your browsing experience. Also, it is already known that advertisers have become sophisticated, and without ad blockers, you may be vulnerable to malicious ads. 

So, which Ad Blocker for Safari will you Use?

  • Mick Jone
  • Last Update: 2 weeks ago
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