How to Check Motherboard Model and Serial Number in Windows 10?

Hello Guys, Please let me know how to check the motherboard model and serial number in Windows 10? I tried many times but failed So Can anyone have any idea? Help me.

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Check Motherboard Model and Serial Number in Windows 10

On Windows-10, finding the model number of the device can be tricky in several circumstances. For instance, if you want to update or substitute a module (like the memory, hard-drive, power-supply, etc.), and also ensure that you're receiving the precise module & troubleshooting trouble, you must interact with the tech-support team or find the device. In addition to the label fixed to your laptop or PC, there are some methods to check the motherboard model & serial number in Windows 10 utilizing the System Information, Command Prompt, and PowerShell.

How to Look for Motherboard Model-Number

Make Use of Command Prompt

  • The aforesaid prompt is a communal way to check the motherboard model number. There are a few measures to finish the operation.
  • Click on the ‘Windows + R’ key & at the same time open the Run screen. Enter ‘cmd’ and tick OK.


  • product, maker, version, serial number in the ‘Command-Prompt.
  • How To seek the Motherhood Serial-Number in Windows-10
  • Click on ‘Search, enter ‘cmd and go to the Windows Command Prompt
  • Type the below-mentioned command and afterward, click on the Enter key:

‘wmic Bios Get Serial-Number’

In certain cases, you might just get a clear space, or to be lined by an OEM alarm. A similar alert might imply that the motherboard model number could not be recognized. Therefore, Windows 10 can’t detect all the hardware info needed when you go on the serial-number command in the Command-Prompt.

If you’re applying a Windows 10 Insider-build, you can have a lot of highlights that have to be counted. So, if you are not capable to check the motherboard model & serial number in Windows 10, you can miss the Insider Program or wait on till Microsoft turns to a new version of the Operating System. Then you can easily find out the serial number, for sure.

Utilize Software to Seek Motherboard Facts

  • There is a 3rd-party software program that can assist you to find out the motherboard info.
  • CPU-Z is a freeware that collects the data on a few foremost devices of your PC:
  • CPU name and no., code-name, procedure, pack, cache-levels
  • Mainboard and chipset
  • Memory form, extent, controls, and module specifics
  • Actual time size of all the core's inner rate of recurrence & the memory-frequency

 Why CPU-Z?

  • Freeware & No ads
  • Rapid (up to 7MB of Ram recall)
  • Lightweight (up to 2MB on the floppy)
  • Installer (MS Windows and Automaton) & transferrable form

Likewise, recognizing the motherboard version number is also helpful to seek the BIOS firmware advancements from the websites that the producer supports. The serial-number lets the producers identify and attain a few extra info linked to the produce, registering, replacement, and well-matched portions.

From time to time, you may have to check the motherboard model & serial number in Windows 10 deprived of opening the supercomputer package which is retained under your table and enclosed with uncountable wires. You might doubt finding out the motherboard details. Here, you can acquire all the motherboard data very suitably and rapidly with the given approaches in this post.

After the fix, go to the Mainboard key internal window and you will get your motherboard's model and serial number.

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