How to Check up Hard Disk Health in Windows 10 Using WMIC?

Is there anyone who knows about how to check up hard disk health in Windows 10 using WMIC. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.


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Check up Hard Disk Health in Windows 10 Using WMIC:

Hard Disk is the most important part of a computer as it helps in storing data, saving files and booting the operating system. So it is very essential to check the Hard Disk health regularly to prevent errors or failures of the Hard Disk.

Hard Disk failure may also be caused from power failure, poor maintenance or viruses. 

It is essential to maintain the health of your hard disk drive to prevent permanent damage to your computer. Nowadays monitoring hard disks have become easier with Self monitoring analysis or reporting technology that detects hard disk failures beforehand and prevents the PC from crashing. You can easily check up Hard Disk Health in Windows 10 using WMIC.

To check up Hard Disk health you can use the WMIC Software Utility Tool. WMIC stands for Windows Management Instrumentation Command-Line or WMIC. It is a simple command prompt tool that can check the health of a Hard Disk by returning the information to the PC. WMIC also helps in completing several administrative tasks like denoting the model name of the computer on which it is running.

Important Features of WMIC 

WMIC uses the SMART feature of the harddisk that is Self analysis, Monitoring and Reporting Technology to check the status of Hard Disk health. It has a basic built-in feature that will help users detect the functioning of Hard disk of a PC and return quick information like “OK”, if the Hard Disk status is fine.

If there are hardware issues with the Hard Disk WMIC will send information reporting the failure of Hard Disk. This will help the users to save valuable information before the Hard Disk crashes completely.

Windows Management Instrumentation Command will also help the user to carry out administrative tasks like detecting the model name of the computer or Serial number of the PC.

Steps to check up Hard Disk health using WMIC

Step : Using the WMIC  tool you can check if your Hard Disk is functioning properly and look out for possible errors.

Step : Open Start Option on your PC.

Step : You can use the Command prompt to check Hard Disk health in Windows 10, 9 and 8.

Step : After selecting Command Prompt, right click on the top and hit on the Run as Administrator Option.

Step : To check whether your Hard Disk drive is failing,type the following command:

  • wmic diskdrive get status
  • Press the Enter button

Step : If your Hard Disk health is fine your status will read as OK.

Please note- If your Hard Disk has a possible failure or if WMI Command Line is having difficulty in retrieving the status of your Hard Disk, you can get any of the following messages: “Unknown” or “Caution”.

Steps to Predict Possible Hard Disk failure using WMIC

  • You can also predict an imminent Hard Disk failure by using WMIC.Detecting the early stages of Hard Disk failure will help you take the necessary precautions like migrating files to avoid loss of valuable data.
  • Open Start option on your PC.
  • After selecting command prompt, right click on the top and hit on the run as administrator option.
  • To predict Hard Disk failure type the following command.
  • wmic namespace root wmi path MSStorageDriver_FailurePredictStatus.
  • Press the Enter button. 
  • Check the PredictFailure value. If your Hard Disk drive status is False then there are no issues with the Hard Disk drive. 
  • However if the Drive Status is True, then a possible Hard Disk drive failure has been detected.

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