How to Check Updates for Windows 7?

Hello Everyone,Please let me know how to Check Updates for Windows 7? I tried many times but can't check it.So Can anyone have any idea? Help me.

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Check Updates for Windows 7

1.Go to the start menu at the bottom left of your screen.

2.Now at the right side of the start menu, search for the control panel and then click on it.

3.You will find an option named system and security, network and internet, hardware and sound, program etc.

4.Click on system and security option.

5.Under the system and security option, you will see a window update option, click on it.

6.Now you will have to click on the check for update button on the main screen.

7.In case you are not able to find the update check button, try looking for it at the left side of the screen.

8.There you will find the available updates for Windows 7 operating system, but if you can’t see the update then this means that window update utility is turning off your computer.

Steps to turn the automatic window update utility on in order to get updates for your windows 7 operating system

In order to get Updates for Windows 7, this is the best way to find it out and this way the Windows 7 operating system up to date is turned on automatically. 

The good part is that you don't have to worry about checking the windows update all the time, once you set your updating system on automatic update option.

At times you also face an error saying “you are not able to run this software” , in the midst of running a software in your system. The above step to set the windows 7 operating system on will also help resolve the kind of errors.

If you set your computer on automatic update option, all the necessary updates will be installed automatically on your system when they become available.

Below are a Few More Steps to Set your Computer on Automatic Update

1.Go to the computer  settings section and then the settings section and then open the windows update section.

2.Now click on update and recovery option, and then on window update option. In case you want to check for new updates, then you will have to click on check now option.

3.Now click on how updates get installed, and then on install update automatically option that you will find under the update section.

4.Now you need to click on ‘Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update windows’ which you will find under Microsoft update section. After selecting this option, you need to click on the apply button to make changes in your setting.

Getting an Error Message While Installing Update of Window 7

In case you are getting error messages while checking Updates for Windows 7 then follow the below instructions to resolve this issue.

1.Make sure that your computer is connected to an internet because if the update is not available  then you have not downloaded it already. And to download an update you need a strong internet connection.

2.Once you connect your computer system to the internet, then make sure the updates download manually. For that click on the start button and then click on update and security section and then go to windows update and look for the available updates.

3.Now click to run the window update troubleshooter. Here are the steps to run the update troubleshooter. Go to the start button, and then click on settings section, and then go to window update and then click on troubleshoot that you will find under get up and running options and lastly click on your window update.

Steps to Check the Already Installed Window Update

1.You can see the update history in the window 7 operating system, and that will be much easier for you to check that which update has been installed recently with details and installation date. 

2.In case you don't want any particular update, then you can remove it from the list.

3.But it is advised not to use this feature because if you delete the update and some time required to update your window 7 operating system, then that time you need to require.

4.Go to the start menu and then click on settings > update and security option > here you will see all your window updates till now and then again click on view history to view all the details of your updates.

Windows 7 update fixes your windows bug in order to make your system work effectively and that’s the reason that it’s good to update your windows t times. We hope the above article helped you to check Updates for Windows 7.

Ron Wagner 22 June 2021