How to Clear Cache in Windows 11?

Please let me know that how to clear cache in windows 11. i am facing some issues in this while using windows 11. help me.

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This post will walk you through clearing Windows 11's cache and freeing up disc space. There are also instructions for deleting the Microsoft Store and location caches.

How to Delete Files in Windows 11 Cache

When Windows fills up its cache and keeps temporary files, a significant amount of space on your drive may be used. Clearing this cache can help you make much space on your Windows computer.

Here's How to Clear Windows 11's Cache:

You can use the Start menu or Win+i to open Settings. Select System > Storage after that.

Choose Temporary Files.

Choose every type of content that you wish to delete. Temporary files, Windows upgrade logs, the DirectX Shade Cache, the contents of the Recycle Bin, and files in the Downloads folder are a few of these options.

Click on Delete Files.

Choose Proceed with initiating the removal procedure.

How to Delete Windows 11's Location Cache

An alternative cache that records your exact location is the Windows location cache. If you have privacy concerns and don't want Windows to know your location, or if apps are what you are in the wrong place, you should troubleshoot. If you want to free up more space on your hard drive, you should be okay with this cache because it only takes up a little space. 

Here's How to Empty Windows 11's Location Cache:

  • Navigate to Settings > Security & privacy.
  • Select the location by swiping it down
  • Under Location history, click Clear. When anything is erased, a tiny checkmark will show up.

How to Clear Microsoft Store Data from Windows 11 Cache

Clearing this cache could resolve any problems with the Microsoft Store, such as it not loading or functioning correctly.

From the Run Dialogue Box, This Operates as Follows:

  • To launch wsreset.exe, press Win+R, then click OK.
  • A black box will appear when the cache is cleared and then shut automatically.
  • Upon launch, the Microsoft Store will have its cache cleared. While the app is rebuilding its cache, the window will initially be white.

Delete Additional Windows 11 Caches

Clearing the Microsoft Edge cache and the caches of other web browsers can free up space. In most browsers, press Ctrl+Shift+Del to view the cache-clearing option.

Flush the DNS, another term for clearing the Windows DNS cache can also be done via Command Prompt. Although it doesn't create any extra storage, this can resolve specific internet-related issues.

Other Windows 11 features are called caches, but not all release additional memory. Different methods exist for freeing up memory without requiring a clear cache.

For instance, removing unnecessary files can improve Windows 11's performance. Additionally, temporary Windows files can be manually removed. Using a PC cleanup tool, such as the third-party app CCleaner, is another approach I enjoy.


Q1. How can the DNS Cache on Windows 11 be Cleared?

Open the Run dialogue box, type ipconfig /flushdns, and click OK to clear and flush the Windows DNS cache. Another option is to open the Windows Command Prompt, enter ipconfig /flushdns, and hit Enter.

Q2. How can the RAM Cache in Windows 11 be Cleared?

Use the Task Manager to see how much RAM is used by different Windows computer processes to free up RAM. Force-quit the troublesome process if an unused application is using up RAM.

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