How to Clear History, Cookies and Cache in Firefox Computer?

Please let me know that how to clear history, cookies and cache in Firefox computer. I am facing some issues while trying to do this. Help me.


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Clear History, Cookies and Cache in Firefox Computer:

Browsing history, cookies, and cache not just burden up your internet browsing application, but also undermine the performance of your computer. Friends, I was annoyed by the sub-optimal performance of my computer due to piling up of files related to browsing history, cookies, and cache owing to which I decided to clear history, cookies, and cache in Firefox computer by accessing the Firefox browsing application.

You can easily clear history, cookies, and cache in Firefox computer by referring to this quick user guide throwing light on how to clear history, cookies, and cache in Firefox computer.

Clearing Web Browsing History, Cookies, and Cache in Firefox

Step 1: Begin the process of clearing history in Firefox by launching the Firefox browsing application.

Step 2: Now find the three vertical lines resembling icon followed by clicking on it.

Step 3: Now as and when the menu bar gets listed find the “History” option followed by clicking on it.

Step 4: A sub-menu will get displayed wherein you just need to find and click the “Clear Recent History” option.

Step 5: In the next step, you just have to decide what to delete. You will have to tick the checkboxes depending on what you are willing to delete. Here is how to do intermediate working before actually deleting history, cookies, and cache.

The time range for deleting different files and folders - Here you just have to set the time range for which you need to delete browsing history, cache, and cookies. Just click on the drop-down option just adjacent to the time range that will eventually allow you to clear history, cookies, and cache in Firefox computer in the said time frame.

Browsing and Download history - When you tick the check box pertaining to the “Browsing and Download History” all the related files and folders related to browsing history will be ready to be removed.

Clearing Cookies - Similarly, when you click on the check box related to cookies all the files connected to the Cookies will get selected to be removed.

Selecting Cache files for deleting - On the same lines if you are willing to clear Cache files then just tick on the check box of Cache files.

Active Logins - Active Login option allow you to see when you actually logged in. This may also be consuming some resources of your computer along with occupying some space in your hard disk. So if you wish to delete the active login details all you need is just a tick on the check box corresponding to the Active Login.

Form and Search History - Another feature of deleting the History option in Firefox is the fact that you can delete Form and Search history to remove what you punched in different forms simply by ticking on the check box relevant to the Form under the “History option”

You may also tick the check boxes pertaining to Site Preferences and Offline Data to remove the other unwanted data. As far as deleting Site Preferences is concerned it would remove the settings that you may have got configured related to different websites. Also, Deleting Offline Data will prevent you open the already opened files using the cache files.

Step 6: After you have carried out the preceding steps in a bid to clear history, cookies, and cache in the Firefox computer, you just have to press the OK button. Make sure all that you wished to clear have been ticked after which just click OK to get it done.

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