How to Clear History, Cookies and Cache in Safari Mac?

Please let me know that how to clear history, cookies and cache in Safari Mac. I am facing some issues while trying to clear history in safari. Help me.

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Clear History, Cookies and Cache in Safari Mac:

Most of us would simply prefer to surf the internet using Safari Mac without paying any heed to files related to history, cookies, and cache getting piled up on our Safari Mac. This would have the effect of Safari Mac’s performance getting suboptimal and that the surfing speed also getting compromised.

Friends, I also witnessed the poor surfing speed of my Safari Mac and unsatisfactory performance of my Mac computer due to which I resorted to clearing history, cookies, and cache in Safari Mac.

Clearing history, cookies, and cache in Safari Mac can be a great idea as it would lead to clearing unwanted files ultimately improving the surfing speed and eventually freeing up substantial space on your Mac computing machine thereby improving your Safari Mac’s performance.

In this context, it becomes imperative to say that after going through this quick user guide you can easily clear history, cookies, and cache in Safari Mac which can prove very beneficial for you as a Safari Mac user.

Removing History in Safari Mac to Free-up Occupied Space

Step 1 - On your Mac computer simply launch the Safari browsing application to initiate the process of clearing history, cookies, and cache in Safari Mac.

Step 2 - Now navigate the menu bar and choose History in a bid to view the accumulated files and links shown in the history folder of Safari Mac.

Step 3 - Open the History menu further and resort to click on Clear History option.

Step 4 - As and when you observe the opening of the Clear History dialogue box on Safari Mac, you need to fix the opening and closing date range for deleting the history in Safari Mac in a pre-defined time period.

Step 5 - Now click on Clear History to finally remove history from your Safari Mac.

Clearing Cookies and Cache in Safari Mac for Improving Mac’s Performance

In general cookies and cache data help load websites a bit quickly; however, it may cause a huge data pile-up on your Mac’s disk space, so simply adhere to the following steps to clear cookies and cache from your Safari Mac.

Step 1 - Primarily open the Safari Mac application by clicking on the icon of the same.

Step 2 - Now opt to choose Safari from the options displayed in the menu bar.

Step 3 - When the Safari menu gets displayed, simply choose the Preferences option.

Step 4 - Now you will get to see a top panel of multiple tabs wherein you need to find and click on the Privacy tab.

Step 5 - Open another dialogue box by clicking on the Manage Website Data button going ahead.

Step 6 - Here you just have to select the websites pertaining to which you wish to remove cookies and cache followed by clicking the Remove button. This would have the effect of removing the cookies and cache in the set date and time range for the selected websites.

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