How to Combine PDF Files on Windows 10, MacOS, or via the Web?

Please let me know that how to combine PDF files on Windows 10, MacOS, or via the web. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.


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Combine PDF Files on Windows 10, MacOS, or via the Web:

PDF files have probably become the most sought-after application for saving and recording official data in the form of digital documents. And, what has become even more demanding is that the professionals now resort to combining PDF files on Windows 10 using different utility software.

Recently I had to combine a few PDFs to consolidate all my official documents which I did use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. You can also combine PDF files on MacOS or on the web using different combining software. So, don’t just wait, but peruse the quick user-friendly guide discussing how to start consolidating multiple PDFs at your ease.

Combining PDFs on Windows Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a unique utility software that has the capability to combine PDF files on Windows 10. You can either buy the latest version of this or you can just try this up for one single time using the free trial version of this premium Adobe Acrobat Pro DC application.

Here is how you can easily get different PDFs combined.

Step 1 - Simply download the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and just install it by running the executable file of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Step 2 - After the software gets installed, just open it and navigate to find the Tools tab on the top-left corner just below the Menu bar.

Step 3 - Now you will see the Combine Files button, just click on it.

Step 4 - Now just trace to find the blue-colored Add Files button alongside the Combine Files option.

Step 5 - After clicking on the Add Files button, just select the PDF files you wish to combine. Please note that this method of combining PDFs stands good for other types of documents as well.

Step 6 - With all your PDF files selected, simply click on Combine Files.

Step 7 - After the operation of combining PDF files takes effect and all PDF files are merged into one consolidated PDF, save it to the desired location as a new file.

Combining Printable Documents Files (PDFs) on MacOS 

You can combine PDF files on MacOS using the MacOS finder. What is provided in this MacOS as an added feature is that you can see the previews of the potential combination of different PDF files before actually combining such different PDF files.

Step 1 - Launch the Finder utility.

Step 2 - Now choose the PDF files you are willing to combine.

Step 3 - After you have chosen the desired files you need to combine, Finder will display the combined preview of all the PDF files. You will also see a Create PDF option on the bottom of the window. Click on it to get the PDFs combined.

Step 4 - What’s an added advantage with Finder is that in the potential preview file after the creation of the consolidated PDF, you can just adjust the thumbnails to change the order of the pages. Also, you can go on to rotate the pages if needed.

Step 5 - Now you can rename the merged consolidated PDF and can get the consolidated PDF file merged eventually.

Combining PDFs on the Web

On the web itself, you can combine a number of PDFs by using different PDF combining applications. To name a few are Smallpdf, FoxyUtils, or PDF joiner. The process is quite simple here as well, first, you have to select the PDF files, click on the Combine button followed by saving the consolidated copy of all PDF files.

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