How to Create a Virtual Desktop in Windows 11?

Please let me know how to create a Virtual Desktop in Windows 11. I am trying to do this in my Windows system. But not able to do this. Help me.

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Create a Virtual Desktop in Windows 11:

You can manage virtual desktops using the Task View function in Windows 11. Additionally, Task View gives an overview of all the apps, which are grouped on your desktop.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to create a new virtual desktop on Windows 11. 

Step 1: Go to the Task View icon on your taskbar. 

Step 2: Select the New Desktop +. 

Step 3: Choose the Thumbnail of your new desktop. 

Step 4: Your view will change to a new virtual desktop. 

Step 5: You can go back to the original desktop by clicking or moving your mouse to the Task View and then choosing Desktop 1 thumbnail. 

How can I Remove the Virtual Desktop on Windows 11? 

Virtual desktops are helpful in grouping different types of apps for various purposes. However, those purposes are not permanent. In case a virtual desktop is not required, then you can remove it by using the Task View function.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to delete a virtual desktop when you are done with everything. 

Step 1: Select the Task View icon on your taskbar. 

Step 2: Move your mouse close to the desktop thumbnail, so it corresponds to the desktop you wish to remove. 

Step 3: Select the X icon given at the top-right corner of your thumbnail. 

What is a Virtual Desktop in Windows 11? 

This is the main workspace of your Windows 11 computer. It is mainly made up of a taskbar where you can switch between apps. Also, you have a desktop area where you can keep app shortcuts, folders, and files.

The default Windows 11 has a single desktop for every user but it helps a user in creating additional virtual desktops. The desktops which you can create in Windows 11 work in their own unique way on the desktop.

When you create a virtual desktop, the shortcuts and files stored on your desktop will not change. You can change the wallpaper of every virtual desktop but it is going to have the same shortcuts, files, and folders. 

Why Create a Virtual Desktop in Windows 11?

The main aim of creating a virtual desktop is to separate the apps. In case you are working on different tasks with various apps, then you can separate the apps based on the task and give one desktop to every task.

You can have a desktop that is only dedicated to work, leisure activities, and games. You can have another desktop that is totally dedicated to other social apps of your choice. 

Therefore, it is very easy to create and remove desktops on Windows 11 and you can create one whenever you like and then delete it as per your need. Virtual desktops remain there even after you shut down your computer system. Therefore, you must keep them in a configuration that is useful to you.

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