How to Download and Install Multiple Games at Once on Steam?

The streaming client is a game that enables all the players to play the game of their choice on their system. This platform has a huge collection of games from various categories. You can easily download and install any games on your device.

This game has been divided into various genres such as board, card, horror and strategic games. Some genres have various versions of themselves. There are certain games that are free to play. On the other hand, there are a few games that you can buy before actually playing them. 

Is It Possible to DownloadQqueues on Steam?

Yes, one can easily download queues on the Steam app. If you try to select many games at once and download and install them, these games will get queued in the Steam Downloads.

The download will get a little slower as your download band will get divided between titles. 

How can I Download Multiple Games on Steam at Once?

If you wish to download multiple games on Steam at once, then below are the steps that you are required to follow. 

Step 1: Launch the Steam app on your System and then log in to your account by entering the right credentials. 

Step 2: Go to STORE given at the upper section of your steam app. 

Step 3: After that, search for the game and then open the game page. 

Step 4: Go down to the page of game and then select Add to Library.

Step 5: If you wish to add other games to the library, then you need to repeat the same steps.  

Step 6: After you are done adding the games, select the Library given at the top of the stream app. 

Step 7: Go to the dropdown option and then select GAMES by going to Home on Top. 

Step 8: This is going to show all the games that are added to the steam library from the Store. 

Step 9: If you wish to download and install multiple games at the same time, you must select those games first. 

Step 10: In case you want to select multiple games at once, then press the Ctrl key and then hold it to select the games by clicking on them one by one. 

Step 11: Once you are done selecting many games, go to any of the selected games and then right-click on them. After that, select Install from the context menu. 

Step 12: After that, a window will open up that says Install and then select Multiple Games. Then, select Next. 

Step 13: Now, an agreement will open up before you. There, you need to select the option I Agree.

Step 14: You can check for the games that are queued in the download by selecting the Downloads option given at the end of the Steam app. 

Step 15: Once you are done downloading and installing the games, you can begin playing. 

How to Install Multiple Copies of a Game on Steam?

Below are the steps that you need to follow to install multiple copies of a game on Steam. 

Step 1: Launch the Run facility by pressing Windows and R keys simultaneously. 

Step 2: Enter the path and then press the Enter key. 

Step 3: Now, open the Common folder on your System. 

Step 4: After that, rename your game folder to something different such as gamename no version in case the game installed has no version of beta. 

Step 5: Launch the Steam app and then go to the LIBRARY by going to the top.

Step 6: Go to the game and then right-click on it. After that, select Properties by going to the Context menu. 

Step 7: Select the option of Betas given at the left side menu and choose the beta version of the game you want on your right-hand side. 

Step 8: Then, go to the option of Local Files from the Properties window. 

Step 9: Select Verify integrity of game files. This will start downloading and installing the beta version of the game you chose. 

Step 10: After that, go to the common folder, you will see two folders for the game. 

Step 11: The one with no beta version and another with a chosen version.

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