How to Enable or Disable Total Cookie Protection in Firefox?

Please let me know how to enable or disable total cookie protection in Firefox. I am facing some issues while trying to do this. Help me.

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Enable or Disable Total Cookie Protection in Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox will soon provide complete cookie protection to its users to safeguard their private information. However, they have not mentioned the date yet. If you are unsure whether Total cookie protection is enabled on your browser, then you must learn how to turn it on and verify it. If you wish to get more details, then read ahead. 

What is Total Cookie Protection?


In simple words, Firefox isolates cookies to one website only. This is known as state partitioning. You can also call it dynamic first-party isolation. With embedded content or trackers on your website, you will be confined to those particular websites only.

This way, you will not be able to recognize the websites or know when to visit other websites. This browser enables websites to set third-party cookies. However, it will be limited to the site they were on. Mozilla took lots and lots of years for this.

The company wants to make sure that restricting or blocking third-party cookies in a separate cookie jar does not interfere with the browsing experience of the user. 

How to Enable Total Cookie Protection in Firefox?


Below are the steps that you need to follow to enable total cookie protection on your Firefox browser. 

Step 1: Go to the menu and then select the Settings option. 

Step 2: Select the option of Privacy and Security. 

Step 3: Below the option of Browser Privacy, select the option of enhanced tracking protection. 

Step 4: Select Custom. 

Step 5: Search for the drop-down arrow for cookies and then search for the "cross-site tracking cookies and then isolate cross-site cookies. 

Step 6: Once you are done, you need to restart your Firefox browser. 

You must keep in mind that Firefox is getting this feature automatically. You will find this same cookie protection out of the box in the Standard mode. Now that we have manually turned on this protection, Firefox will show you that you are using custom mode. 

Firefox has invested lots and lots of time in this feature. After some good testing, they have made this feature available to the users. In case the cookie protection has broken any websites, then you can disable it. 

How to Disable Total Cookie Protection in Firefox?

Below are the steps that you need to follow to disable total cookie protection in Firefox. 

Step 1: Open Settings. 

Step 2: Privacy & Security, enhanced tracking protection, and then select Custom. 

Step 3: Please make sure that cookies is selected and then select the "Cross-site tracking cookies" given in the dropdown. 

Step 4: Close the browser and then reopen it. 

Firefox has finally introduced total cookie protection with Standard enhanced tracking protection in the Firefox browser. This will provide more privacy and less tracking. So, these are the steps that you need to follow to disable it.

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