How to Fix a USB WiFi Adapter That Keeps Disconnecting?

Please let me know how to fix a USB WiFi adapter that keeps disconnecting. I am facing some issues while trying to fix it. Help me.


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Fix a USB Wi-Fi Adapter That Keeps Disconnecting:

If you wish to learn how to make a USB Wi-Fi adapter work when it does not turn on or shuts down repeatedly. This will help you turn on the Wi-Fi adapter and will also help you connect to a network connection apart from discovering different ways to inspect your USB device when it is connected to your PC. 

Why is my USB Wi-Fi adapter not working?

USB Wi-Fi adapters may not work because of incorrect drivers installed on your device. This issue may also arise if the drivers are outdated. You may also see this problem because of some software glitch or insufficient power. Dirty or damaged hardware may also stop your adapters from working properly. 

How should I stop my Wi-Fi adapter from disconnecting?

Below are the simple steps that you are required to follow in order to stop your W-Fi adapter from disconnecting. 

Step 1: First of all, you are required to turn off airplane mode. In case it is enabled, then it will not let you connect to the Wi-Fi. 

Step 2: Turn on your wireless network. In case it is turned off, then you will not be able to connect to the internet.  

Step 3: Check the Wi-Fi icons on your PC and then check the number of bars your internet connection has. In case the adapter is connected to the internet but the signal strength is not strong enough, then you can try to improve it by moving your PC close to a window and far from big objects and walls. 

Step 4: Try to connect your USB Wi-Fi adapter again. Try to disconnect your adapter for a few seconds and then reconnect it again. 

Step 5: Check if there is any damage or dirt. Disconnect the Wi-Fi adapter and check if there is any dust on the inside of your USB connector. After that, start looking for cracks that can cause damage to your product. 

Step 6: Restart your PC. A quick system restart can help you resolve USB Wi-Fi adapter issues along with other computer issues. 

Step 7: Update your PC. Download and then install your Mac computer and Windows. This can not only help you make your device stable but the update process can also help you detect and fix system issues. 

Step 8: There is a chance that your present USB port is damaged. Therefore, you must change your USB port. 

Step 9: You can also try using a different USB device. In case the other device such as your USB mouse is not working, then that means the problem lies in your USB port and not the Wi-Fi adapter. 

Step 10: Connect your computer to an electrical outlet. A lot of laptops have a problem powering multiple USB devices simultaneously while running battery power. 

Step 11: Use a power USB hub. In case you feel that more power is required for using a USB Wi-Fi adapter device. After that, try to connect it to a USB hub or dock that features its own power. Microsoft Dock is a device that you can use to connect a surface to various monitors apart from different USB devices. 

Step 12: Remove your USB hub. In case you are using a USB hub already, then you must disconnect the Wi-Fi adapter and connect it to your PC directly. There is a possibility that your USB hub is blocking the connection. 

Step 13: Run the troubleshooter for network connections, power, network adapter and incoming connections. 

Step 14: Scan for any changes in the hardware. Open device manager in Windows and then choose the option of scan for hardware changes by going to the top menu. This is going to help you detect USB Wi-Fi adapter and activate it.

Step 15: You are also required to turn on a few settings in Windows manually in order for the Wi-Fi adapter to be detected. 

Step 16: Update the drivers of your device in Windows for USB adapters under the heading Network adapters. 

Step 17: In case updating the driver is not working, then launch Device Manager again. Go to the USB adapter's name and then right-click on it. After that, choose the option of Uninstall the device. When you are done, restart your computer. Then, the right driver will download and install automatically.

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