How to Fix Broken Registry Items in Windows 10?

Please let me know that how to fix broken registry items in Windows 10. I am facing some issues while doing this. If anyone knows then help me.

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Fix Broken Registry items in Windows 10:

Broken Registry items include damaged or corrupt files that are no longer in use and slows down the Computer. For the proper functioning of the computer it is essential to fix broken Registry items in Windows 10 PC.

You must remove or fix all broken Registry items from the Windows 10 PC to keep its performance intact. Let us take a look at the different ways to remove broken registry items in Windows 10.

1. Run System File Checker in Command Prompt 

The System File Checker tool is already present in the Windows OS. This tool automatically scans the PC for corrupt or broken files to maintain its functionality. If this application finds any corrupt or damaged file, it repairs or replaces it with a fresh file.


  • Right click the Start menu and select the Command Prompt option as administrator(you can get the Command prompt from the Quick access menu).
  • Type the command SFC/scannow and hit the Enter button.
  • The SFC tool will check the PC for damaged or erroneous Registry items.
  • Now Restart the computer to check whether the broken Registry items have been removed from your system.

2. Reinstall Windows 10 to Fix Broken Registry Items

You can go for this method if you have tried all other options without any success. Resetting Windows 10 to default settings may lead to loss of valuable files and installations. So before you try this option, make sure to take a hard disk backup of all your personal files and system settings. 


  • Go to the Settings option and select Update and choose the Recovery option.
  • Hit on the Get Started option under the Reset this PC section.
  • The Ready to Install page appears.
  • Click on the Remove Everything option. (if you want to save your Personal files then click the Keep Personal files and apps).
  • Now click the Reset button to start the process.

3. Run the Automatic Repair via Settings Mode.

The Automatic Repair option is available on the latest versions of Windows and can be used to fix broken Registry items in Windows 10. The Automatic Repair, however, cannot fix any third party entries.


  • Open the Windows Setting menu and click on Update and Security.
  • Select the Recovery option on the left sidebar and click on the Restart Now button.
  • Wait for some time and press on the Troubleshoot under the Advanced Startup option.
  • Now select the Automatic Repair option.
  • Now enter your username and password to begin the Startup Repair process.
  • Click Continue to begin.
  • The Automatic Repair/Startup option will start to fix your broken Registry items.

4. Use Microsoft Disk Cleanup

You can remove corrupt or broken files from your Computer by using the Disk Cleanup option.


  • Type Disk Cleanup from the Windows Search box.
  • The Disk Cleanup option will appear on the screen.
  • The tool will ask whether you want backup of the files in Windows Registry.
  • You can also select the “Files to delete” to select the files that you want to remove from your system. You can check the contents of the File that you want to remove from the Description box.
  • Once the redundant files have been removed Restart your PC.

5. Use System Restore Option Manually


You can get the PC functionalities back to the point where there were no broken or corrupt files. 


  • Enable the System Restore tool on your computer.
  • Open the Control panel and click the Recovery button.
  • Click the Open System Restore.
  • The Restore System Files and Settings option will appear.
  • Select the Scan for Affected Programs to check the broken or corrupt files.
  • Now close this Window and click the Next option.
  • Start the System Restore process. The files will be restored to the point when they were not damaged.
  • This process will take a lengthy runtime so wait for it to finish.
  • Once the Registry has been restored, click the Finish button.


You must fix the broken Registry items in Windows 10 to prevent your PC from slowing down or crashing. Address the broken Registry issue on your Windows 10 PC to prevent corrupt files from piling up. Do not forget to take a backup of the important files on your harddisk in case your Registry items are broken or the files have been damaged.

The Windows Registry is the most important part of the computer and is the database that stores all types of information about the PC. It is impossible for the harddisk to run without accessing all the information from the Windows Registry. Infact the Registry is the storehouse that contains all the applications that are necessary for the proper functioning of the Windows 10 PC.

Since the Registry is very crucial for the Operating system of the computer, it has to undergo regular maintenance. The Registry contains all the information that is used by Windows harddisk, therefore, it might get filled up with files that are no longer essential. This can happen while upgrading Windows,installing new software or removing software.

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