How to Fix ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND Error on Google Chrome?

Please let me know how to fix ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND error on Google Chrome. I am facing some issues while trying to browse on Chrome. Having some issue. Help me.


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Fix ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND Error on Google Chrome:

Today, among the most popular browsers is Google Chrome. Although when they attempt to create a new tab on their Chrome browser, several people encounter various difficulties. For example, they observe the ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND Error on Google Chrome. 

The ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND Error on Google Chrome might arise on Chrome for some reason. The Chrome addons are the primary cause. But occasionally, corrupted files can exist.

Distinct Chrome errors, including ERR FILE NOT FOUND, have various messages. Examples include:

How to Fix the ERR FILE NOT FOUND Google Chrome Error

Method 1:- Disable Your Chrome Extensions

The right method to fix the error is to deactivate your Chrome extensions, which are the main cause of it. You must first remove the Default Tab. You can remove the browser extensions you believe could be the problem when you're in the Extension setting.

You may disable every extension and test them one at a time to determine whether ones have become the problem.

  • Within the top right corner, select the Google Chrome tab.
  • Select "More Tools."
  • Select from Extensions.
  • Find and remove the Default Tab.
  • Finally, uncheck the boxes next to select your extensions to disable them.
  • When you're finished, restart Chrome and look for errors.

Method 2:- Reset Your Google Chrome Browser

  • Select the Google Chrome icon on the Chrome browser.
  • Access Settings.
  • Click to view the Advanced option after finding it.
  • At the bottom, search for the Reset Options menu.
  • "Restore settings to their original defaults" should be clicked.
  • To verify, select the Reset Settings button.

You can correct the error using the techniques listed above. For a better understanding, you must read the information mentioned above thoroughly. 

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