How to Fix High CPU Usage in Google Chrome?

Is there anyone who knows how to fix high CPU usage in Google Chrome. I am facing these issues while trying to work on laptop. Help me.

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Fix High CPU Usage in Google Chrome:

We all know that Google Chrome uses a lot of your memory. If the Google Chrome browser is running on your computer, then 80% of your CPU's memory will be used by Google Chrome. If your system is running slowly or there is some kind of lag in operation, then that's probably happening because of high CPU usage.

Other small problems result in this big problem. Worry not as there are multiple ways to reduce down CPU usage by your Chrome browser. So, let's discuss these solutions one by one. 

1) Explain the CPU Usage by Google Chrome

There can be several reasons responsible for high CPU usage by your Google Chrome browser. This can happen if a lot of tabs are open on your browser This may also happen if you are using extensions.

You may also face this issue if you are streaming 4k content on a streaming service. This problem can also appear if you watch excessive ads, animations, and auto-play videos, then which can also lead to high CPU consumption.

They come under the GPU process in Chrome and CPU. This solution helps in resolving the issue. 

2) Use the Task Manager of Chrome

If your browser is consuming a lot of CPU memory, then you must try to understand the underlying cause of the issue. This can help you know what specifics you need to follow to reduce CPU consumption. For this, you are required to open the internal Task Manager of your Chrome browser and then select the More Tools option.

After that, select Task Manager. This way, you will be able to see the list of all the tasks that are running on your Google Chrome and you can check CPU usage by each one of them. Now, select the column of CPU for organizing the tasks by CPU usage. This way, you will be able to get a clear picture of the cause of your problem. 

3) Disable or Remove Extensions

Chrome extensions can lead to the problem of high CPU usage and you can disable it by reducing down the load. Go to the main menu of Chrome and then click on Settings from the various options you see on the screen.

Go to Extensions from the various You can either use the slider to disable the extensions or delete them completely by clicking on remove. This is one area where you must check an internal task manager.

If you wish to keep your extensions and you know the ones that are leading to the problem, then you must target your attack. If you want you can also disable everything and once you find the culprit, you can add back the rest of the extensions. 

4) Close Unnecessary Tabs

There are various tabs. Some of them have lots of ads, videos, and animation. This increases the CPU usage of Chrome. You must close the tabs that you don't require. You should never open more tabs than you need.  

5) Disable the Tasks in the Background

To avoid high CPU consumption, you must disable all the tasks running in the background. To fix this problem, you must go to Settings, Advanced and then finally select System. Toggle the option of "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed". This will bring this option to the off position.  

6) Restore Settings

Another thing that you can do to reduce CPU consumption is to use the System option for restoring Chrome settings. This will bring the settings back to the default mode. Apart from your password, history, and bookmarks, everything will get removed. This is a simple solution and you can use it as a last resort. 

This is how you fix CPU usage in Google Chrome.

Steffan 06 October 2022