How to Fix It When a Windows 11 Microphone Is Not Working?

Is there anyone who knows how to fix it when a Windows 11 microphone is not working? I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.


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Fix It When a Windows 11 Microphone Is Not Working:

One of the most crucial accessories on a computer with Windows 11 is a microphone. If your Windows 11 microphone isn't working, follow these steps to fix it. Follow below mentioned steps when Windows 11 Microphone Is Not Working.

Why does my Microphone in Windows 11 Not Function?

For a number of reasons, the microphone in Windows 11 might not function. The most frequent ones are: - Microphone has been disconnected or is connected improperly.

  • The microphone is not in use.
  • Your Windows 11 computer's audio input is muted.
  • Your headset or microphone's audio input is muted.
  • Windows is set to use the wrong microphone.
  • Absence of device drivers.
  • Hardware issues with the microphone.

What to Do If Your Windows 11 Microphone Breaks?

To fix your microphone, simply follow these steps.

Step 1. Verify that no button or setting on the device physically mutes your headset or microphone. If a microphone is external or built-in, it frequently has a mute button around the device itself or on your computer's keyboard.

Step 2. Select Sound settings by selecting the right-click menu next to the speaker icon in the Windows taskbar. The Windows eleven Settings application gives you access to this as well.

There will be a window opening. The list of available input microphones can be found under the Input section. Make sure the desired microphone is selected. Choose it if not.

Step 3. If your microphone is still not functional, select it from the Sound Configurations menu that was previously opened. If a microphone is permitted, make sure to check General. The setting is active if it says "Don't Allow."

Be sure to turn up the input volume as well.

Step 4. Verify that the app you want to use the microphone with has the appropriate permissions set.

Step 5. If the issue continues, right-click the Windows taskbar speaker icon once more. Following that, select Sound troubleshooting. In doing so, the computerised sound troubleshooter will begin. Observe the instructions given by the troubleshooter.

Step 6. Verify that all of the most recent updates are installed and Windows Update is turned on. Install any upcoming updates.

Step 7. Expand Audio inputs as well as outputs in Device Manager by opening it. You should list the microphone input that you plan to use. Try these fixes if it is. After each fix, make sure the microphone is still functional.

To update the driver, right-click the desired input device and choose Update Driver. Abide by the on-screen instructions.

Disable the device by choosing the right-click menu for the input device. Right-click the input instrument and choose Enable device from the context menu.

Uninstall device can be found by right-clicking the input device. Scan for upgrades to the hardware can then be chosen by tapping Implementation in the device manger menu. This will force a device to reinstall.

A different microphone can be used after connecting. In the majority of cases, the problem should be solved by following these troubleshooting steps. However, if the issue continues even after connecting an additional microphone, it is probably due to a bug in Windows or a problem with the audio technological infrastructure in your PC. Hope these above-mentioned steps help you when  Windows 11 Microphone Is Not Working.

My Realtek microphone isn't working; how do I fix it?

Numerous Windows PCs contain audio equipment made by Realtek. Realtek audio inputs are displayed in Windows on computers with Realtek audio solutions. The 3.5mm audio input on the PC is managed by this.

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