How to Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working on Windows 10/11?

Please let me know how to fix Logitech wireless keyboard not working on Windows 10/11. I am facing some issues while trying to work through Logitech wireless keyboard. Help me.

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Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working on Windows 10/11:

Your Logitech wireless keyboard no longer functions correctly after upgrading to Windows 10/11. Many tasks become cumbersome, such as searching for something online and entering a website's address. It is therefore required to repair the Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working on Windows 10/11.

How to Resolve the Logitech Wireless Keyboard Problem

If it is not functioning properly, you can use the following techniques to fix your Logitech K330, K750, K235, or another keyboard.

Solution 1: Assess the USB Port and Keyboard.

Before attempting any of the approaches, you need first verify the following:

Site 1: Examine the On/Off Switch

Site 2: Switch to a different PC USB port with your USB receiver.

Site 3: Replace the Wireless Keyboard's batteries

Site 4: Avoid using other wireless devices.

Site 5: You should first perform these to ensure there are no physical errors. And it's really simple to do these tests to see if the issue with the wireless keyboard not working can be fixed.

Solution 2: Removal of the Logitech Wireless Keyboard Driver

The wrong driver may be to blame for a broken keyboard. Its removal will force the system to reinstall the right driver correctly.

Step 1: Open the device manager. Select the device manager option from the context menu by right-clicking on the Win icon.

Step 2: Browse the Keyboards category, then select Uninstall by right-clicking the Logitech wireless keyboard device name.

Step 3: To check for hardware changes, click. You can restart the computer as well.

  • Windows will then recognize your input devices, such as the wireless keyboard, and upload the necessary drivers.
  • Check the Human Interface Device Access Service as a third option.
  • Restart the computer to make the changes effective after clicking Apply with Ok.


The first option, under normal circumstances, is to connect the USB receiver to the PC's USB port. However, some folks choose to use the USB HUB. As a result, if the direct plug method does not work and you own a USB HUB device, another test option is to link the USB receiver to the HUB device.

I hope the solutions above can assist in resolving the Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working on Windows 10/11.

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