How to Fix Minecraft Launcher Error 0x803f8001 on Windows 10/11 PC?

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Fix Minecraft Launcher Error 0x803f8001 on Windows 10/11 PC:

Are you attempting to repair a similar Minecraft error? If affirmative, you would possibly be able to fix Minecraft Launcher error 0x803f8001 on Windows 10/11 PC with these potential resolutions.

1. Sign Out and Back to the Microsoft Store

The Minecraft Launcher app is closely connected together with your Microsoft Store account. Linguistic communication out and back to the MS Store app will feasibly resolve some account synchronization problems and glitches.

You can exit and back to Microsoft Store as follows.

  • Open the Microsoft Store window from the beginning menu.
  • Then click the profile image at the highest of the Microsoft Store.
  • Select the Sign Out possibility.
  • Click the profile circle once more to pick out sign up.
  • Select your Microsoft account, and click on Continue.

2. Update Windows

Alternatively, change your copy of Windows may fix the issue:

  • Press the Win + I key combination to open Settings.
  • Tap on Windows Update from Settings apps.
  • If the Windows Update tab shows optional  updates square measure obtainable, click the transfer & install possibility.
  • Click Check for updates to transfer and install more obtainable updates.
  • Then restart your computer once changed.

3. Run the Windows Store Apps Fixer

As the Microsoft Launcher and MS Store square measure each UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps, the Windows Store Apps fixer would possibly offer an answer. The Windows Store Apps fixer will fix numerous app problems, that luckily includes this 0x803f8001 error.

Follow the below instructions to launch the troubleshooter:

  • Launch Settings to look at the System tab.
  • Click the Troubleshoot and alternative trouble-shooters navigation choices in Settings.
  • Scroll all the way down to Windows Store Apps, and click on the Run button for that fixer.
  • The fixer can open and scan for app problems. Apply any potential resolutions it suggests.

4. Repair Corrupted System Files

There’s a clear stage that corrupted system file dependencies for the Microsoft Store square measure inflicting miscalculation 0x803f8001. Therefore, running a System File Checker (SFC) scan via the prompt to repair files can be a possible error 0x803f8001 answer for a few users.

Here is the way to run an Associate in Nursing SFC scan:

  • To open the search box, press the Windows + S keys each at a similar time.
  • Look for the prompt by coming into cmd within the search box.
  • Right-click the prompt in your search results and choose the Run as administrator launch possibility.
  • Before you run a System File Checker scan, kind during this command press Enter to execute:
  • DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth 
  • Then input this command and hit come to run the SFC scan:
  • sfc /scannow
  • Wait till the System File Checker scan is 100% complete and shows some quiet outcome among the prompt window.

5. Resetting the Microsoft Store and Minecraft Launcher

The Settings app includes a Reset possibility for apps that erases app knowledge once selected. As that possibility will fix apps that aren’t operating right, it’s advised that you simply reset knowledge for each Microsoft Store and Minecraft Launcher.

You can reset your apps in Windows eleven like this:

  • Go to Settings with its hotkey or from the beginning menu.
  • Select the Apps tab within Settings.
  • Click Apps & options to look at your PC’s app list.
  • Now, select the three-dot button for the Microsoft Store app.
  • Select Advanced choices to mention the push.
  • Click the Reset possibility. choose Reset once more on the confirmation prompt.
  • Note that you may also choose a Repair possibility that’s just on top of the push. If resetting doesn’t do the trick, attempt choosing the Repair possibility for Microsoft Store.
  • Repeat the on top of steps for the Microsoft Launcher app.

6. Reset the Microsoft Store Cache

The Minecraft Launcher error 0x803f8001 would possibly occur thanks to a corrupted Microsoft Store cache. intrinsically resetting that corrupted cache can be the fix you’re searching for. you'll be able to reset the Microsoft Store cache with wsreset.exe like this:

  • Bring up the ability User menu with the Win + X keyboard cutoff.
  • Open pass, choosing it on its menu.
  • Type wsreset.exe within the Open panel.
  • Click okay to reset Microsoft Store’s cache.
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