How to Fix PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR Firefox Error?

Please let me know that how to fix PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR Firefox error. I am facing this type of error while using Firefox. If anyone can help me then do it.


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Using Mozilla Firefox as the preferred internet browser may cause you to witness a flash message of PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR Firefox Error on the home page of your Mozilla Firefox quite often. This may be attributable to a wide range of reasons including restricted TCP filtering, or the antivirus firewall preventing the page to download.

I also encountered a similar issue that I could get resolved by trying a few standard troubleshooting procedures. In this regard, I have come across multiple ways of fixing this issue which I am presenting before in the form of an easy-to-refer guide below.

Clear the Firefox Browser Cache

In many cases, cookies and data temporarily stored on your Mozilla Firefox may be causing the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR Firefox Error.

To fix this up simply follow the process of removing cached history.

Step 1 - Click on the Hamburger option or icon generally shown on the top-right corner of the Mozilla Firefox. You can also click on the Menu button to navigate through.

Step 2 - Now click on Option.

Step 3 - Select Privacy and security.

Step 4 - Search Cookies and Data option.

Step 5 - Now click Clear Data.

Step 6 - There will be a check-box next to Cached Web History.

Step 7 - Click Clear/OK.

Disable Your VPN Server

The other way is to resolve PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR Firefox Error issue by disabling the VPN client you may be using.

Just follow the simple steps to disable it.

Step 1 - Open the Control Program

Step 2 - Now go to Programs or Program and Features.

Step 3 - Navigate through to search the Virtual Private Network you are using.

Step 4 - Click on your VPN client.

Step 5 – Finally uninstall the VPN client you selected.

Different VPN service providers do not interfere with the internet browser’s connecting standards. You may check this up if you really want the VPN service to continue.

Disable the TCP Protocol Filtering

Sometimes TCP Protocol Filtering may be restricting the web pages on Mozilla to open, hence disabling TCP protocol filtering may help you fix PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR Firefox Error.

You can do this by following the simple procedure using the Control Panel application or antivirus Application given below.

1 - Using Antivirus Software

Step 1 - Open the Antivirus Software.

Step 2 - After choosing the Advanced tab go to Web and Email.

Step 3 - Search Protocol Filtering.

Step 4 - Click the plus sign beside Protocol Filtering to open the Menu.

Step 5 - Slide the Disable button to change your preference.

Step 6 – Now click OK.

2 - Using Control Panel

Step 1 - Open Control Panel by searching it on the Taskbar.

Step 2 - Now double click on Network Connections

Step 3 - Then choose the TCP/IP option, post which you have to click ON Properties Tab.

Step 4 - Click the Advanced tab and go to Options Tab subsequently.

Step 5 - Under the options settings, click on TCP/IP filtering followed by going to Properties.

Step 6 - Clear the Enable check-box and then click OK.

Try using a different network

The PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR Firefox Error may also be because of any specific issue with your service provider. It can be fixed by changing your internet service provider. If after changing the network, the web pages start getting opened, the issue will stand resolved.

Uninstall Third-Party Antivirus

If on following the above different ways nothing happens, then you may resort to uninstalling the third-party antivirus application by following the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1 - Open the Control Panel.

Step 2 - Go to Programs and Features.

Step 3 - Uninstall the Program by clicking on the Uninstall option. 

Step 4 - As a consequence of clicking Uninstall option, a complete list will get opened, now you may navigate through to search your Antivirus Software Icon.

Step 5 - Click the uninstall option corresponding to the Antivirus software icon.  

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