How to Fix Site cant be Reached and Server IP could not be Found?

Please let me know that how to fix: site cant be reached, server IP could not be found. I am facing some issues while using internet. Help me.

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Fix Site cant be Reached, but Server IP could not be Found:

Various issues can create issues, such as the site being unavailable on your device or the IP address. Checking your internet connection, addressing network issues, checking proxy settings, updating IP and DNS settings, and resetting IPv4 settings are simple solutions to such problems. So here are the steps for what to do when a site can’t be reached, Server IP could not be found. 

Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Working

Your first network is up and running. You are unable to access any websites. As a result, you must ensure that your internet connection is operational. Test if you can connect to the internet using various browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

You could also use the ping command using cmd (in Windows) and terminal (in Mac or Linux) by following the steps below.

  • Open cmd from the Start menu or even with the Run command cmd OR click Ctrl + r, then type cmd into the dialogue box.
  • Type ping google. com into the command prompt to see what happens.


If the response returns statistics rather than an error, you have functional connectivity and may move on to step #3; otherwise, you'll need to go back to step #2 to resolve network problems.

Network Related Difficulties

Poor configuration of network settings and network drivers might cause network difficulties. Errors like site can't be reached and Server IP address couldn't be discovered can occur due to these networking difficulties.

Network Diagnostics for Windows

  • First, use the troubleshooter with Windows to conduct diagnostics and then make repairs. To do so,
  • Troubleshoot difficulties by right-clicking on the ethernet or wifi sign in the taskbar.
  • Wait for the troubleshooter to search for and resolve issues in the meantime.

The troubleshooter will automatically apply the optimum network settings and make the necessary adjustments. If circumstances are beyond its control, it may request that some changes be made.

Drivers for Networking should be Updated

There could be a problem using network drivers which aren't enabling the computer's network hardware. The best part you could do is make sure your network drivers are up to order.

Follow the instructions below to reinstall or update drivers for your network devices:

  • Using the Run command devmgmt.msc within the run dialogue box, launch Device Manager.
  • Right-click the network adapter and select the Update driver from the context menu.
  • You can also download drivers from the company's website, such as Realtek or Atheros.

This will look for driver or hardware updates and adjustments to fix the connectivity issues instantly.


A sad issue that several individuals confront daily is the site cannot be accessible; Server IP could not be located. Such inaccuracies can have a significant negative impact on one's internet experience. Also, if you keep getting these issues, you won't be allowed to conduct online transactions.

If your issue hasn't been resolved, check if your wifi or cellular connections have been paid for. Our internet data is often empty, and we are unaware of it. These error messages are now more likely to appear in such situations.

Also, don't perform any online transactions for the next 2-3 hours after the problem has been fixed. Check to see whether everything is operating properly, and when it is, you may begin doing sensitive operations like website logins and online transactions without fear of error codes. Now you understand all about how to fix site can’t be reached, Server IP could not be found.

Mick Jone 08 June 2022