How to Fix Status_Access_Violation Error on Microsoft Edge?

Read this article to learn more about the Status_Access_Violation error on Microsoft Edge and to find the entire solution. The Chromium source code is being used by more and more browsers. You don't need to worry with Chromium because you can enjoy all the Chrome features without being restricted to the asset Chrome browser.

However, there is concern that if a serious defect were added to this source code, then that would result in an immediate infection including all browsers. And it appears that the status access violation error on Edge is an example of this.

What does Status Access Violation mean in an Error Message?

A common browser error that affects Chromium-based web browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and so on. is STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION. It occurs whenever an unknown program code from your browser tries to access memory.

The following factors could cause the entire incident:

  • Expansions from third parties that contradict certain operations
  • Outdated or incompatible browser
  • Internally faulty files

The good news is that you can remedy this issue with ease. Even if your Microsoft Edge may not be the only one experiencing this issue, switching to a different browser can still be a helpful fix. Opera is renowned for minimizing incompatibilities and using fewer extra add-ons.

Additionally, it includes some built-in capabilities that are uncommon in other browsers, such as an unlimited VPN for greater anonymity and also an ad blocker. A streamlined experience can also be enhanced by integrated apps such as whatsapp and sidebar access to Twitter and Instagram.

How can I Resolve the Status_Access_Violation on Edge Error Code?

  • Rename the executable file for Edge.
  • Open your file explorer, then go to the following address:
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application
  • Right-click msedge and choose the Rename option from the context menu at the top.
  • Relaunch Edge after changing the filename to edge.exe.

Change to the Edge Beta Edition

In addition to the version you might be using right now, Microsoft also runs a Beta build. Although BETA's primary purpose is to test out experimental features, it may or may not be impacted by any issues which the stable release appears to have.

Before trying any other repairs, you should give this one a shot. Access the Microsoft Edge Insider website to obtain the browser's beta version.

Browser should be Updated

  • Open the Microsoft Edge web browser.
  • Use the Edge address bar to navigate to the address provided: edge://settings/help
  • Now, it will search for updates automatically and download any that are found.
  • Keep in mind that Microsoft Edge constantly checks for upgrades when you use the browser. Minor updates load quickly and without being asked to do so, while a substantial upgrade necessitates a browser restart.

Disable Javascript Extensions

  • Open the Edge browser.
  • Go to Manage extensions on Edge by clicking the extensions icon.
  • Make careful to deactivate any Javascript-compatible extensions before relaunching the browser.

You shouldn't try utilising any of the disabled browser's options if uninstalling the extension solved the issue because the difficulty does not appear to be brought on by a specific extension, but by a JavaScript add-on.

Is It Possible to Delete and Reinstall Microsoft Edge?

Edge cannot be removed the conventional way. But there are quite sophisticated methods to achieve it. We advise you to disable this browser in its place. Instead of resolving issues on Edge if you don't like it, you may use other browsers including Opera.

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