How to Fix the Operating System Not Found Error?

Please let me know how to fix the operating system not found error. I am facing some issues while using this Windows. Help me.

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It's unlikely that your crucial data has been lost, but there are a few straightforward reasons why this could occur.

This error may have several causes, including the following:

  • A non-bootable gadget is attempting to boot up
  • The BIOS has been set incorrectly, the boot records are damaged,
  • Or the hard drive is broken or inaccessible.

How to Resolve the 'Operating System Not Found' Failure

Try the simpler remedies by following the steps below in the exact order they are listed:

Step 1: Start your computer all over again. It's possible that the error is just a short-term glitch that will go away after a restart. Apply the Ctrl+Alt+Del method if you can't find a standard restart option.

Step 2: Unplug any extra flash drives, eject any discs in the DVD drive, and take out any floppy discs.

Step 3: Check the first startup device list in the BIOS by entering the BIOS and selecting the hard drive that contains the operating system. shift the boot order to make it so if it isn't already.

Step 4: Depending on how it is currently configured, turn UEFI security boot on or off. Whether Windows is installed on a GUID splitting Table disc or an MBR disc determines whether it can startup in UEFI mode.

To find out if the issue is connected, enable or disable Secure Boot. You do this through the Security tab of the BIOS setup usefulness. Change Secure Boot's status to whatever it is currently not, such as Enabled or Disabled. Following this step, restart your computer.

Step 5: Reset the BIOS to its factory default settings. Resetting any BIOS customizations that had previously hidden the hard drive or damaged how the operating system could be found could have negative effects.

Searching for a reset option in the BIOS setup utility is the simplest way to perform a BIOS reset to resolve the "Operating System not found" error. You might need to press a function key like F9 or select the Reset BIOS option from the menu. Depending on who made your BIOS, you may need to take particular actions.

Step 6: Clean up the boot records. For a boot process to proceed normally, boot records must be valid. The "Operating System not found" error may appear if the boot configuration data (BCD) store or master boot record (MBR) are damaged or missing.

Step 7: The partition where Windows is installed can be activated using the diskpart command. The "Operating System not found" error could be a result of it becoming disabled for whatever reason, which would account for it.

Step 8: The data and power cables for the hard drive should be reseated. The issue might be caused by loose or unplugged cables.

Step 9: Windows should be reinstalled, Possible literal causes of the "Operating System not found" error. The OS may have been deleted from the drive's hard drive as a result of malware or an accidental format.

Step 10: is your last resort in the event that you are unable to gain access to the hard drive in order to reinstate the operating system.

Step 11: At this stage, the only explanation for why the error is still occurring is a malfunctioning hard drive. The hard drive must be changed, and a new operating system must be installed, to correct the issue.

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