How to Fix the Pink Screen of Death Error on Windows 10?

Please let me know how to fix the Pink screen of death error on Windows 10/11. I am facing some issues while working on Windows 10. Help me.

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Fix the Pink Screen of Death Error on Windows 10/11:

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) problem in Windows and the Pink Screen of Death (PSOD) error are quite similar. A frustrating computer mistake known as the Pink Screen of Death happens whenever Windows cannot start up correctly and displays a pink screen. 

It typically occurs whenever a hardware issue arises, such as a damaged motherboard, malfunctioning RAM and memory sticks, overheating of the graphics card, and even unsecured computer wires. 

Pink Screen of Death: What Is It?

Whenever the Windows operating system refuses to boot or a Windows software causes the computer to freeze or show a bright pink screen, this condition is known as a Pink Screen of Death Error on Windows. There are many potential causes of the pink screen, including out-of-date graphics drivers, hardware issues, and then even corrupted file systems.

You should not be concerned if your screen unexpectedly turns pink and displays an error code. Here are a few techniques for fixing Windows' Pink Screen of Death issue.

Restart Computer

The first thing to try is restarting your computer if you are experiencing a fully pink screen. A quick restart of your computer can frequently solve the pink screen issue.

By pushing and holding the power button again until the laptop shuts off, finally pressing it once again to turn it back on, you could restart a laptop while using one.

Any Overclocking You've Done Should be Reversed

Overclocking refers to changing parts of the system, like the processor and memory, to enhance their speeds past the limits set by the manufacturer. If you've overclocked your computer, be aware that doing so may cause a Pink Screen of Death error by heavily taxing the hardware.

Keep an Eye on the Temperature of Your Computer

Overheating, another factor that contributes to the pink screen problem, may have a detrimental effect on your computer's performance. It's essential to stop your computer from overheating as a result.

It's crucial to constantly check the temperature of your computer system and take action to cool it down as needed if you want to keep it operating efficiently.

A GPU Driver Update

The most crucial part of Windows is the GPU driver, which enables the operating system to communicate with and coordinate with your graphics card. You can simply run and view a variety of Windows games and apps on the computer due to the GPU driver.

Launch the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

A helpful Windows tool for locating and resolving any RAM-related issues is the Memory Diagnostic Tool. This can let you know if there are any potential memory issues as well as ensure that your system is operating as it should. It's advised to use Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool if you often get pink screen issues.

Speak to a Technician

There can be more serious issues with the computer if none of the solutions mentioned above work. A qualified expert will be able to identify and resolve any hardware issues that are causing your computer to fail. Furthermore, getting the damaged item replaced is a no-brainer if the hardware has suffered substantial damage.

After completing the aforementioned procedures, the pink screen issue ought to be rectified. You might wish to think about PC hardware improvements if the problem continues.

The Pink Screen of Death error is less prevalent than the Blue Screen of Death error, which is more frequent. But if you do not even immediately solve it, it could be troublesome as a symptom of hardware or graphics card issues.

Steffan 10 February 2023