How to Fix Windows 11 Not Connecting to WiFi?

Please let me know how to fix Windows 11 not connecting to wifi. I am facing some issues while trying to connect it with Windows 10. Help me.

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Fix Windows 11 Not Connecting to WiFi:

Windows 11 not connecting to Wi-Fi is a non-recurring problem that may interrupt your accessing the internet on your computer or laptop and which may be existing owing to a wide range of causes ranging from the irregular MAC filter settings to the presence of outdated Wi-Fi drivers which require a permanent fix for allowing you to access the internet using Wi-Fi on your PC or laptop.

Friends, in my own case, the Windows 11 not connecting to WiFi problem emanated when I tried to connect my windows 11 with WiFi on my laptop which I got comprehensively fixed by re-installing the Network Adapters drivers.

In the entire course of finding and executing the fix for the Windows 11 not connecting to WiFi issue, I came across several other measures of trivial and serpentine nature both of which can no doubt help you in fixing the Windows 11 not connecting to WiFi issue going forward.

So, just have a quick glance over this comprehensive walkthrough that comes explaining the relevant ways of fixing the Windows 11 not connecting to Wi-Fi issue.   

1 - Verifying Your WiFi Password

To begin with, it becomes worth mentioning that a wrong password entered may not allow you to access the Internet using Wi-Fi on your laptop for which you must re-verify your password and must ensure that you punch in the correct password in your Wi-Fi dashboard to continue accessing the internet.

2 - Resorting to Connect to the Wi-Fi Network Manually


Quite often, automatically connecting to the Wi-Fi may not be possible which eventually calls for facilitating a manual Wi-Fi connection by adhering to the process described here.

Step 1 - You are just required to launch the Quick Settings panel which gets displayed when you click the Network icon shown on the bottom-right corner of the system’s screen.  

Step 2 - Thereafter, choose and select the Wi-Fi network that you wish to get connected to, followed by pressing the “Connect” button. You can also click in the check-box with the message “Connect Automatically” which will permit you to connect to and use this Wi-Fi network as your default Wi-Fi whenever you have switched on this specific Wi-Fi.

3 - By Toggling the Airplane Button to Turn it On and Off Interchangeably

Another way of fixing the Windows 11 not connecting to Wi-Fi is to toggling the Airplane Mode as On by pressing the Airplane mode button and then again turning it Off after waiting for a few seconds.

This Airplane mode button is also available in the Quick Settings section which you can load just by clicking on the Network icon shown on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

4 - Getting Closer or Keeping your PC or Laptop in the Vicinity to Your Wi-Fi Device 

Another reason for your Wi-Fi not being shown on your Windows 11 might be a slightly more distance of your PC or laptop from your Wi-Fi device for which it obviously becomes advisable that you move a bit closer to your Wi-Fi device which may help you fix the Windows 11 not connecting to Wi-Fi.

5 - Executing the Network Troubleshooter for Windows 11

Another feasible solution for fixing the Windows 11 not connecting to Wi-Fi is running the Network Troubleshooter which by itself is competent enough to identify the cause and fix the Windows 11 not connecting to Wi-Fi issue.

So, just follow the procedure mentioned hereunder to run the Network Troubleshooter going forward.

Step 1 - Just begin by clicking on the Start button followed by choosing to select the “Settings” option.

Step 2 - Now, on the leftward pane just navigate, find, and click the System option followed by clicking on the Troubleshoot option shown as the relevant option on the screen further followed by clicking on the Other Troubleshooters option which becomes visible on the next screen.

Step 3 - Subsequently, you will find the Run button adjacent to the heading Internet Connections and Network Adapter which you must now press.

6 - Adjusting the MAC Filter Configuration 

On many occasions, the Wi-Fi devices do not allow Windows to be recognized and get paired with the Wi-Fi devices on the basis of MAC (Media Access Control) address filtering which requires a kind of readjustment of related configuration to be done by using the options given in the Network & Internet properties section.

So, just follow the procedure given hereunder for setting the correct MAC configuration.

Step 1 - Just go to the Network & Internet option after opening the Settings segment on your computer or laptop. Then go on to click on the Wi-Fi option followed by opening the Hardware Properties. Now take note of the alphanumeric code given just adjacent to the MAC Physical Address.

Step 2 - In this ensuing step you now have to open the web browser followed by visiting your Wi-Fi router’s control panel.

Step 3 - Now within the Settings tab navigate the leftward menu to click on the MAC Filter shown under the Security option. Here you are required to execute the expected adjustment which simply entails adding your PC’s or laptop’s MAC address in the exceptions list if the Filtering Mode is set as Allow.

But if the Filtering Mode is set in Deny mode just continue by removing the address from such list going forward.

7 - Updating the Outdated Network Drivers 

In this very approach of fixing the Windows 11 not connecting to Wi-Fi issue you must update the non-functional or outdated network drivers by following the procedure mentioned hereunder:

Step 1 - Just go on to open the Device Manager after clicking on the Start button.

Step 2 - Continue by expanding the Network Adapters section.

Step 3 - Here you have to note the name of your Wi-Fi network adapter.

Step 4 - Now find the latest driver for your PC by going on to the manufacturer’s official website and downloading your copy of the network adapter driver. Once the file gets downloaded just execute it to install the same.

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