How to Fix Windows 11 Settings App Crashing Issue?

The Windows 11 Settings App Crashing Issue happened when users attempt to open it, according to many customers. The Configuration app won't open for them in any of the ways they've tried, and this problem arises when they try to open it.

It just doesn't start as smoothly, or if it does, it crashes after a short while of use. Usually, Windows 11 users will experience this problem.

We've decided to do a thorough investigation into this situation in order to identify what is generating it since a sizable number of customers who are affected by it have expressed their discontent with it.

Here is a List of All the Possible Causes, in No Particular Order:

Windows is Out of Date - Your Windows may not have the most recent updates, which could be the cause of this problem.

System Errors and Corrupted Files - System failures occurring on the desktop and the corrupted files they bring with them are two additional extremely possible triggers that could make the Configuration app appear.

Outdated Graphics Card - Although this explanation may sound weird given that no video games are implicated, it is still a possibility.

Incompatibility of Windows Explorer - According to other users, another problem may be that Windows File Explorer is incompatible with the Settings app as a result of upgrades or a fault that occurred in Windows 11.

So that you have become aware of the causes of this problem, the following is a list of every fix put forth by users to stop Windows 11's Settings app from crashing:

Install Windows Updates

Checking to verify if the most recent Windows version is already installed on your computer should be your first step. Because Windows is out of date, there are numerous problems with it. Often it fails to stay active as a result of this.

Clear and Register the Settings App Once More

Resetting your device and registering the Settings app again is the second option you have. Numerous individuals who have successfully utilised this strategy to solve their issues have suggested it.

Execute DISM and SFC Scans

Additionally, damaged files and software faults that are impacting your Windows 11 could be the source of this issue. Factors involved, such as basic bugs that can occur occasionally to anyone, might be the source of these matters.

Upgrade the Graphics Card

Another scenario where the Preferences app could crash is when a GPU driver is installed erroneously and ultimately degrades reliability. As it turns out, this is one of the plausible events that might occur.

A number of dead customers have indicated that the problem was resolved for them after updating the GPU drivers to the most recent version that was at the time.

Launch Windows Explorer Again 

One element that contributes to the volatility of the Settings app is the fact that the File Manager procedure is malfunctioning. When this happens, it's conceivable that several computer features, especially those related to the System tray, won't work.

Install and Repair Window 11 

The last resort is to perform a Windows 11 repair installation if you run into trouble with the Settings app. This strategy is the last one discussed in this post because it requires its most effort and is the most challenging. Nevertheless, a lot of folks who have used this strategy have found it to be effective.

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