How to Fix Windows Computer Restarts without Warning?

Is there anyone who knows about why Windows computer restarts without warning? I am facing this type of issue while using it. Help me.

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Fix Windows Computer Restarts Without Warning:

Does your Windows 10 PC randomly restarts without warning? If yes, then you need to go to the reboot loop to get to know the cause of the problem. This might happen due to many reasons. The issue can occur because of a stop error, Windows Update, overheating, hardware component failure

Identification of the problem is important so you can know the solution that you need to apply. Do you see a blue screen error on your screen? Did you update your driver recently? Did you update Windows recently? It is easier to deal with the problem once the cause is identified. 

1) Restarting Because of Hardware Failure

Instability of your system or hardware failure can make your PC reboot automatically. This could happen because of external devices, Graphics Card, Power Supply, Hard Drive, or RAM. This can also happen because of BIOS or overheating problems.

2) Restarting after Blue Screen

The computer restarts repeatedly after a blue screen error to prevent the driver and software-related issues. In such a case, you must read the error code as it will allow you to understand the troubleshooting solutions that you need to apply to fix your computer restarts randomly without warning problem. 

Use the WinX menu of your Windows 10 computer and then launch the System. After that, select the option of Advanced System Settings, then go to the Advanced tab and then go to Startup and Recovery.

After that, select Settings. Uncheck the box of Automatically Restart. Select Ok or Apply and then Exit. Now if your Windows crashes because of a blue screen, then it will show up an error message and then restart your system. This will help you troubleshoot the stop error. 

3) Restarting Because of Driver Issues

In case you updated the drivers recently and your Windows is rebooting without a warning. Then, in such a case you need to fix the driver issues. You can also try using the previous version of the driver. 

4) Scan for Virus on Your Windows Computer

There is a chance that your computer is restarting because of a virus or malware infection. Install antivirus software on your PC  and then deep scan your system with it. You can also try using second-opinion antivirus software for scanning your Windows. 

5) Restarting after Windows Update

Are your Windows 10 suddenly restarts without warning? If yes, then try using the safe mode or try to use the Advanced boot options. This will allow you to launch a command prompt or use an automatic repair. If you are a Windows 7 user, then you would not consider repairing Windows 7. 

Cyrus neal 26 August 2022