How to Fix Page not Responding Error in Windows 10/11?

Please let me know how to fix the page not responding error in Windows 10/11. I am facing some issues while using Windows 10. Help me.

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Fixe Page not Responding Error in Windows 10/11:

Do you get unresponsive web pages in your default browser? If yes, then worry not as here you will get to know how to resolve this issue. The unresponsive window generally shows up when there are unresponsive pages in your Google Chrome. You may also see an unresponsive page problem on your Internet Explorer and Edge. 

Why does a Page Become Unresponsive?

A web page generally becomes unresponsive because of a scripting error caused by extensions. This may also happen because of overextended system resources that may stop browsers from responding. This problem can also occur because of graphics rendering and opening a new tab.

Going to a different website can speed up the loading of the tab causing the issue. Page not responding problems can appear at any point of time and may stop you from accessing your favorite websites.

Some of the similar problems reported by the users are stated below. 

  • Page not responding Chrome, internet explorer Edge. 
  • Page not opening in Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. 
  • The web page not responding on Windows 10 Edge. 
  • Internet Page not responding, the page won't load. 

How to Fix the Website not Responding Problem? 

1) Try Using a Different Internet Browser

Rather than fixing your browser by applying complicated steps, you must change your internet browser. An internet browser that is up-to-date and good is essential for a smooth online experience.

This is going to be extremely useful if you use a tool that has a good performance, security features, and a firm privacy policy without using a lot of resources. Some of the best browsers for Windows 10 are free and have VPN too.

It has a lot of plugins and ad-blockers. Most importantly, they are highly customizable. This will allow users to create themes, sort bookmarks, and do a lot of other things. 

2) Check Your Antivirus Program

Step 1: Launch your third-party antivirus and try to access the Security menu or protection. One of the best examples for the same is Bitdefender. You can disable all antivirus from this menu. 

Step 2: Select the Open button given under Antivirus. 

Step 3: Choose the Advanced tab and select the switch to disable Bitdefender Shield. 

Page not responding message may also appear because of your antivirus and if you see it, it is recommended to disable some of the features n the software. In case disabling the antivirus does not help you out with your problem, then you must uninstall your antivirus software.

After you remove the software, you must check if the problem is still persisting. A lot of people mentioned that removing the software resolved their issue. If that is the case, then you must use a different antivirus program. 

3) Remove Superfluous Apps and Browser Extensions

Below are the steps that you are required to follow in order to remove superfluous apps and extensions. 

Step 1: Select the Menu icon given in the upper-right corner of your screen. After that, go to More Tools and then finally select Extensions. 

Step 2: Choose the switch given next to the extension you wish to turn off. You are required to repeat this step for all the extensions available. 

Step 3: Once all your extensions are disabled, restart your Chrome browser and check if the problem is still persisting or not. 

If your problem gets resolved simply by disabling the extension, then you must go back to the browser and turn on every extension one by one till you find the one that is causing an issue. Once you find the extension, you must remove it to fix the problem permanently. 

4) Reinstall the Browser

Below are the simple steps that you need to follow in order to reinstall the browser. 

Step 1: Go to the Start menu and then select Control Panel. After that, click on the option of Uninstall the program. 

Step 2: Start searching for the browser from the browser list. After that, select Uninstall. 

Step 3: Now, carry out the instructions to uninstall the browser. 

Step 4: Go to the main website of your browser.

Step 5: After that, select the button Download Chrome. 

Step 6: Once you are done, select the file and then complete the installation process. 

If the page not responding a message appearing on the screen again and again, then you can easily resolve this issue by reinstalling the browser. There are various ways to do it but one of the best ways is to use the uninstaller software.

This software can remove any app from your computer. This will remove all the registry entries and files related to the application. This will entirely remove the app from your computer. 

5) Update the Browser

Carry out the simple steps mentioned below to update your web browser. 

Step 1: Select the Menu icon given in the upper-right corner. After that, go to Help and then select About Google Chrome. 

Step 2: A new tab is going to appear and check for the updates available. It will be automatically installed if updates are available. 

Once you are done installing the latest updates, check whether the issue is still persisting or not. You must keep in mind that this method works for the Chrome browser. There are times when the browser may get outdated. This can lead to many other problems. 

6) Clear the Cookies and Cache of Your Browser

Below are the steps that you need to follow to clear the cookies and cache of your browser. 

Step 1: Choose the Menu icon and then select Settings from the menu. 

Step 2: Go down and then select Advanced. 

Step 3: Select the option of Clear browsing data.

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