How to Get to the Desktop in Windows 10?

Hi Guys, Please let me know how to get to the desktop in windows 10? I am facing this issue last 1 month I don't know how to block it. Help me.

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Get to the Desktop in Windows 10

Consider that you have launched multiple programs/apps in your Windows 10 system and your desktop is clustered with different windows. Is there any way to quickly get back to the desktop instead of minimizing or closing all the open windows one by one? The answer to your query is Yes. This post will present you three methods to quickly get to the desktop in Windows 10.

You might even close your Windows just to get to the desktop in Windows 10 PC? Well, it seems simple to search for different applications in Windows and to move windows around in Windows 10. However, there are certain times you either want to clear the clutter or find an icon that's present on the desktop. So, if you are required to get to the desktop in Windows 10 quickly and correctly, you can follow several ways to go for it. This guide discusses the basic methods to get to the desktop in Windows 10 PC. 

We will walk through each of the methods for getting to the desktop in Windows so you can select the one that works best for you.

Method 1: Click on the Icon to Get the Desktop

For this method, firstly click on the icon present in the lower right corner of the screen. The icon looks similar to the tiny rectangle that's next to your notification icon. By clicking on this icon again will bring back the windows you want to open. This is quite an easy method to rotate back and forth among your active windows and desktop. 

Method 2: Use the Taskbar Menu to Reach the Desktop

Sometimes, for a few reasons you don't want to use the desktop icon (or you are unable to). So, in that case, you can use the taskbar menu to reach the desktop.

Step 1: Initially, right-click on the taskbar. Do make sure that you click on an empty space because clicking on the icon for an app won't provide you any correct menu. 
Step 2: Select Show the desktop option from the menu options.

Method 3: Use a Keyboard Shortcut to Reach the Desktop

The third and easiest way to get to the desktop in Windows 10 is to use the shortcut key. Press Windows Key + D to toggle back and forth from the desktop. This method is also advantageous while troubleshooting. If the screen gets frozen and you are unable to use the taskbar, this keyboard shortcut can save you in a needful time.

This application window switching feature helps you with lots of multitasking work as your screen gets covered in different windows. But eventually, you are unable to find a particular icon or folder on the desktop or you just want to hide the clutter simply.

Alternatively, you can press the minimize button on all your open or active app windows. This lets you to minimize them all at once with a single click or keyboard shortcut. This article helps you to get to the desktop in Windows 10 with just one short action.

Hope this simple step by step guide works best for you to get to the desktop in Windows 10 PC.

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