How to improve your Wi-Fi signal at home?

Hello Everyone, Please let me know how to improve your Wi-Fi signal at home? I tried many times but failed. So Can anyone have any idea? Help me.

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Improve your Wi-Fi Signal at Home

As we know that in day to day life wifi has become a basic need for life. Sometimes we face network issues while using the wifi. Here in this blog, I will tell you how can you improve your Wi-Fi signal at home. We will also discuss other information related to it.

Things That Are Responsible To Limit WIFI Range:

Following are the things that limit the range of the wifi:

  • Transmission power
  • Location
  • Antenna type
  • Environment

Normally point to multipoint connection at closed are is done with 802.11g and antenna having range 105 ft. If your wifi signal weakens then you can make them strong with some of the easy techniques.

Methods To Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal At Home

The following are the methods with the help of which you can make the wifi signal strong at home.

Method 1:- Large Furniture

When you want to set up wifi at home then always try to place the large furniture of your house along the wall. The reason behind this is that signals of wifi do not travel the large object and become strong.            

Method 2:- Minimize The Mirror

Always try to minimize the number of the mirror at the area where you have set up the wifi connection. For this, the reason is that the wifi signal becomes weak in the presence of metal surface and mirrors have a thin layer of metal therefore always try to use fewer mirrors.

Method 3:- Choose Best Location For WIFI To Improve WIFI Signal At Home

Make sure you have placed the router of WIFI at the maximum effective area. While choosing the location to place the wifi keep the following things in mind.

  1. Always try to place your router at the center of the top floor because the signal wave travels best downwards and laterally direction.
  2. Do not place your router on the floor. The best you can hang it on the wall or keep it on a high shelf.
  3. Make sure that your wifi is placed far away from your neighbor’s wifi so that you both have different channels.
  4. Keep your wifi away from the devices that generate the same frequency as the wifi that is of 2.4 GHz like microwaves, cordless phones, etc.
  5. Wires of the computer wire, baby monitor, power cords, microwaves, halogen lamp interface with radio reception, therefore, place it away from wifi router.

Method 4:- Enlarge Your WIFI Reception

Use repeater and bridge to increase the range of the wifi reception

Repeater: If you want to access the internet sitting at the faraway place from the wireless access point. You can stretch the range of a network by installing the wireless repeater signal. It will help you to extend the coverage area by instant boosting up your access point in the midway.

Wireless Bridge: This method is also known as an ethernet converter. This is used to improve your Wi-Fi signal at home when you face any problem in reception in a wired device. It will provide you better reception with a few numbers of extra bars.

Method 5:- Use WPA/WPA2

WPA/WPA2 and WEP are two of the security algorithm that is used to prevent your network from hackers entering into your network. It is always recommended to use WPA as a privacy setup because it is more secure than WEP. 

Method 6:- Keep Network Name Secret

Hide your device from other users to make your signal strong. You can achieve this by following instructions.

Step 1) Navigate to the Admin page of the access point.

Step 2) Remove the tick from - SSID broadcast enabled option.

By doing this you can only access the network no other device can connect to your wifi.

Method 7:- Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal At Home By Connecting Less Number Of Device With WIFI

It is always said that try to use less number of the device with wifi that supports the MAC Address. It is because fewer devices will give strong signals. This can be done with the following steps:

Step1) Locate addresses for your MAC device.

Step 2) Create an access list for the device.

Step 3) Go to the screen of the configuration.

Step 4) Enable the setting device

Hence you have created a limit for wifi device.


Above in this, I have provided you many easy methodologies to improve your Wi-Fi signal at home. You can use any one of them. 

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