How to Make Printer Online in Windows 10?

Hello, Please let me know that how to make printer online in Windows 10. Now i am trying to make my printer online in windows 10. but it's not going online. Help me.

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Fix Printer Online in Windows 10 Issue:

Printers going offline in Windows 10: Some common causes, Despite cutting-edge technologies and advanced machinery, printer malfunctions are a frequent occurrence. When you get a ‘your printer is the offline message, it means that your printer is not able to give or exchange information with your computer.

There Can be Several Reasons for Your Printer to Go Offline Like:

Step 1: Printing paper getting stuck in a printer and stopping parts of the printer from progressing.

Step 2: All of the printer’s paper supply has been completely used so that there is none left.

Step 3: Small network connectivity breakdowns.

Step 4: Out-of-date or corrupted printer drivers and additional hardware-related malfunctions.

Theoretically speaking, when glitches (like the ones mentioned above) that disallow the printer from being available online, etc. get resolved, then the status of your printer should change to online. However, there may be times when you must physically shift the status of your printer online on your Windows Computer.

How to Make Printer Online in Windows 10?

The steps given below will give details on how to make a printer online for Windows 10.

Step 1: To start with, click on the Windows 10 Start button.

Step 2: After that, click on the Device Manager Option in the menu that appears.

Step 3: On the Device Manager Screen, initially click on the Action tab in the top menu.

Step 4: Later, click the Devices and Printers option in the drop-down menu on the Device Manager Screen.

Step 5: At first, right-click the Offline Printer (it will look faded) on the Devices and Printers screen.

Step 6: Afterward, click See what’s printing option in the appropriate menu.

Step 7: In the following screen, click the Use Printer Offline option to take out the tick mark on this item.

Step 8: After that, hang on till the printer appears online.

Step 9: Once the status of the printer changes online, it starts printing according to the print queue.

In case the Make Printer Online option is Grayed Out or If the Printer Temporarily Comes Online, Then Troubleshoot the Printer Problem on Your Computer.

Step 1: To start with, click the Windows 10 Start button.

Step 2: After that, click the Settings Icon.

Step 3: On the Settings screen, click the Devices option.

Step 4: On the Next Screen, click the Troubleshoot option in the side menu.

Step 5: Afterward, click the Printer option.

Step 6: In the spread-out Printer Menu, click Run the Troubleshooter Printer Option.

Step 7: Let Windows Troubleshooter run, and it will produce suggestions to resolve the printer failure.

In this situation, it is advisable to make the printer the default printer; however, Windows Troubleshooter can hint at updating drivers, etc.

Step 8: Apply recommended fixes for Printer problems in Windows 10.

Step 9: Click Apply This Fix and stick to the ensuing instructions.

The Exact Cause of Your Printer Offline Problem:

To find out the reason for your printer offline problem, here is what you can try:

  1. Just to be sure, check your printer’s connection with your computer again; examine the network cable linking your printer to your router, and the USB cable that joins your printer to your PC or laptop. If they seem fine, then connect cables to alternative ports on your computer. In case you have a wireless printer, then double-checking connections can be complicated.
  2. You can also restart your printer; this action can reboot your printer.
  3. You can also experiment by clearing all the print jobs; this unblocking will free the printing queue and permit you to restart your printer.
  4. One more way to locate the printer problem is to first separate the printer from your PC or laptop and later, reinstall it; in case you are reinstalling a wireless printer, ensure that your printer is switched on.

Printers work offline the minute they have a hard-line connection to the computer retaining the document. The printer does not possess a hard drive and thus cannot carry out printing jobs without a way to see your documents. When you make a printer online in Windows 10, it implies that you can print documents without requiring a direct connection to the computer.

If the status of your printer still continues to show as offline, then it is best to contact your printer company.

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