How to Make Windows 10 Easier on Your Eyes?

Hello Everyone,Please let me know How to make windows 10 easier on your eyes? I don't know how to make it.I tried many times but unable to make it.So can anyone have any idea?help me

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Windows 10 Easier on Your Eyes

If you are troubling to see your computer screen then you can use windows 10, it make windows 10 easier on your eyes. It is easy to access setting to pinch the size, colour and another component in windows.

Could be the text is too small, the mouse pointer is too thin, or the screen fails to have sufficient contrast. No matter what the problem is, you can personalized and modify various
components by tweaking the accessibility setting in windows 10.

Through this you can change the size and color of the text, apps and cursor. Enable the color filters and turn into high contrast modes to make easy to read the screen. And fix the magnifying glass to zoom on elements of the screen. After the updation of windows 10 it comes with some new trick for example to pinch the size of text using scroll bar.

One of the best features introduced in windows 10 is Night-Light. It helps to make windows 10 easier on your eyes. With the help of system- wide feature that changes the color temperature of your screen to decrease eye strain in the evening time. This feature is similar to Night Shift, which is found in Mac OS and iOS and also in third party application like flux. 

The researchers suggest the blue light is common to most of the computer display which can cause eyes strain and interrupt your sleeping behaviour. Apply this problem by shifting the color temperature of your screen reach the warmer, redden end of the spectrum. This features automatically turned on when it required or designed to automatically turn on slowly when days goes on.Mostly time your screen and display parts are adjust to access in an easy way under Setting >Ease of Access>Display. Find below the, what you should do.

To Create Text Bigger:

In the section of make text bigger, here you can enlarge the text size in windows, menus and other dots by scrolling the scroll bar to the right. And click on apply when you feel that it comes an optimal size. Your display will refresh with the new text size. And it make windows 10 easier on your eyes.

Change Everything into Bigger Size:

Here you have the option to change the size of everything on the screen under the “Make everything bigger” section. Tap on drop menu and select the greatest percentage.

Change the Size of Apps and Text:

Find below the “Make everything bigger” section, tap on the link to change the size of apps and text on other display. It will take you to the display setting scroll down for scale and layout.

Change the Graphics Software:

It depends on the model of your computer and your graphics adapter, and you will also pinch your display setting through the graphics software from your manufacturer.

Personalized Cursor and Pointer:

Going back to the Ease of Access screen and tap the entry for cursor & pointer. Here, you can change the size or other characteristics of the cursor and mouse pointer. But, Microsoft made some changes in May.

Change Pointer Image:

Moreover, you can refine the size, color, and other features of your mouse cursor using control panel. To open the control panel in icon view and click the applet for Mouse.

Cursor Visibility:

You can enhance the width or thickness of the text cursor to more smooth at the time of typing. The sample text shows you the thickness when you increase it.

Color Filters:

After applying this filter you will be able to better see photos and certain colors. In the area of Ease of Access menu and activating. “Turn on color filters.”


If you want to see a particular section of the screen, then you can take the help of magnifier. Select the category for magnifier and toggle the “Turn on Magnifier” switch to on.

High Contrast:

Select the category for high contrast. It makes the easier to screen by applying a high contrast filter. Enable to turn on high contrast and your screen will refresh. Click on the drop-down menu different colors themes to search one that is going to work for you.

Here, I mentioned all the details with the help of this you will be able to make windows 10 easier on your eyes. After reading this, you get all the solutions.


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