How to Make Windows 10 Look Like Mac?

Please let me know that how to make Windows 10 look like Mac. I am facing some issues while trying to do this. Help me.

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Make Windows 10 Look like Mac:

Want to make Windows 10 look like MAC and yet retain the features and functionality of Windows 10, just follow these seven simple steps to witness this makeover.

Recently I embarked upon the venture of giving a new look to my Windows 10, and guess what I ended up with? I came across these simple steps to give a MAC-based thematic look to my Windows 10.

So just peruse the below-mentioned user-friendly guide to explore how to make Windows 10 look like MAC.

Downloading a MAC Based Theme Pack and Taking Care of the System Restoring Session

Step 1 - Download a MAC-based theme for Windows 10. Install it to take the process forward as envisaged in Step 6 onwards.

While downloading, make sure that the executable file you are downloading is actually compatible with your Windows 10. Also, check that the downloadable file is available in 32-bit or 64-bit format.

You must also ensure that before you get on the MAC theme installation spree, you must have a system restore point in case installing the MAC-based theme goes wrong. To have it just follow the steps discussed hereunder.

Step 2 - Long press the Windows button along with the X button followed by left-clicking on the Menu that is displayed under the System heading.

Step 3 - Now towards the left-side panel, just type “restore” in the “Find a Setting” search box followed by clicking on the “Create a Restore Point” option.

Step 4 - In the step to follow, you have to create a restore session. To get this done, just click on the Create button shown in the “System Properties” window.

Step 5 - Then proceed with the System Restore option.

Step 6 - Now go ahead installing the MAC-based theme after selecting the specific features you want to have in your latest MAC-based suite.    

Step 7 - After the MAC-based theme gets installed just restart your PC and if you encounter any possible issues, try running your PC in “Safe Mode”.

Installing the MAC-based Transformation Pack

As an alternative mechanism, you can get the feel of MAC-based skin by downloading and installing the MAC-based transformation pack as well. This can actually get you the special unique features of MAC in addition to the functionality of Windows 10 in this MAC transformation pack.

Mick Jone 11 February 2022
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