How to Print and Save as PDF in Firefox Computer?

Is there anyone who knows about how to print and save as PDF in a Firefox computer I am facing some issues while printing PDF in Firefox browser. Help me.

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Print and Save as PDF in Firefox Computer:

The best way to read an article or page offline is through printouts and PDFs. For this, all you need to do is to open the page that you wish to print. After that, go to the menu icon and then click on Print. Then, for the print option, select the printer and other settings. If you want a PDF file, then hit PDF and keep the file in the desired location. 

PDF is a popular document type that is used for sharing images and texts without distorting formatting and fonts. This type of formatting is used for personal as well as business use. Usually, when people fill up an application form online, they save it in PDF format. This method is quite convenient and it saves paper as well. 

Firefox has a save as PDF feature that helps in keeping an offline copy. We will carry this on our devices without any internet connection. You can open these files within your web browser and you don't even need a PDF reader for the same. 

If you are a user of Mozilla Firefox, then you can print a webpage to PDF file directly on Mac and Windows. 

How to Save as PDF in Windows 10?

In case you are using a Windows machine, then you must perform a simple and straightforward process. All you have to do is to print the PDF page by selecting the print to PDF Firefox option.

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to save as  PDF Firefox on a Windows computer. 

Step 1: Open the Firefox browser on Windows. 

Step 2: After that, go to the page that you wish to save. 

Step 3: Then, click on the menu button with three horizontal lines. 

Step 4: Now, select Print from the menu that opens up.

Step 5: Go to the Select Printer area and then choose Microsoft Print to PDF.

Step 6: Select the Print command button. Then, a new window with Save Print Output will open up. 

Step 7: Select the location where you want to save the PDF. 

Step 8: Enter the name of the file and then select Save. 

The PDF file will be saved to the location you select. If you want to read it later, just find it on Explorer and open it. 

How to Save as PDF on Firefox on Mac Computer? 

The process of saving a PDF file on Mozilla Firefox on Mac is almost the same as in Windows 10. You can easily save the Firefox PDF.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to save the PDF on Firefox Mac. 

Step 1: First of all, you need to open the firefox computer on your Mac computer. 

Step 2: Launch the webpage that you wish to save as a PDF file.

Step 3: Select the menu with three horizontal lines. 

Step 4: Choose Print from the menu that opens up before you. This will also open the Print dialog tab. 

Step 5: Search for the drop-down menu known as PDF given at the lower-left corner. 

Step 6: Click on it and then select Save as PDF from the options appearing before you. After that, a save dialog box will appear. 

Step 7: Enter the name of the file for PDF and then select the location where you wish to save it. 

Step 8: In the end, click on the Save button.

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