How to Run Android Apps in Windows 10?

Hello, Please let me know that how to run Android apps in Windows? I am facing some issues while using android in this. Help me.


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Run Android Apps in Windows:

Android is almost everywhere as you can now find Android in tablets, phones, hybrid devices and wearable devices such as home appliances, watches and soon the OS will be part of it too.  Few platforms rival Android when it comes to app selection and getting apps from your tablet or phone to your Windows PC isn't as straightforward as simply installing desktop software. 

But to help make the process easier here is a comprehensive guide on what software and utilities you need to install on your windows machine to let the Android apps work smoothly. This way you can enjoy the best Android games and the best Android apps on the big screen. 

Here are four different ways to run android and its application in your windows.

You can Run Your Favourite Applications with the Help of BlueStacks

Developers have tested different ways to run Android apps on windows PC and the only app which was able to perform smoothly and reliably is BlueStacks. BlueStacks is packed with features that ensure your apps and games run smoothly and has become the best Android app emulator over the years.

Step 1- Download and install the BlueStacks software in your windows

Step 2- Once the BlueStacks is installed it will appear on the home screen on your Windows desktop.

Step 3-  Double click on the icon to run the application and enjoy downloading apps from the Play Store.

BlueStacks takes up about 2 GB of the space of your computer and you will be greeted with its customized home screen once it is launched. It does not come with a traditional Android launcher and does not have a corresponding desktop app. You can get access to the Play Store to download any app you want and the emulator shines when it comes to games. 

You can Mirror Your Phone with Windows

You don't need anything fancy to get Androids on your PC as for the app installed on your phone. With access to most of your applications to a simple desktop window, ” The Windows Your Phone ” app provides the ability to mirror the phone screen to your PC. Microsoft is expanding its features but for now, it isn't always the ideal solution because this may come with some graphical blurriness and delay if you are looking to play games. 

You won't be able to easily share files from your PC directly to an application in Android using this app but for the quick access to Android applications which you have already installed, this application will work in a pinch.

You can Emulate the Full Android Experience with Genymotion

Genymotion is a decent emulator if you are looking to explore the Android operating system rather than an individual app but its main product is designed for developers and costs money to use. There is nothing to worry about as if it has a free version of software you can download for personal use just by creating an account on the website first. 

After installing Genymotion you will get a list of device templates, you can install them which will determine the Android version, screen resolution and resources allocated to the emulator. 

Once you install the template and double click it to enter Android, you will be able to navigate around the launch apps, home screen and GPS location. Genymotion does not integrate as well with your windows as something like BlueStacks but it is well for exploring the settings of Androids and other built-in features.

You can Run Your Android Directly on Your Windows with Android x86

If you are looking for a bit more full-featured then Android x86 will help to get you as close as you can get to true Android on your windows as it is an open-source project that ports Android to the X86 platform and allows you to run it on your computer instead of an arm-based phone or tablet. You have a couple of option to run Android x86

If you want to run Android on its own as a desktop operating system for your PC then you need to download it as an ISO and burn it to a USB drive with a program like Rufus where you insert the USB drive into the PC and reboot and enter the boot menu. 

  • You will either be able to install it to your PC's hard disk for permanent usage or run Android in a live environment without having any effect on your PC while booting from your Android x86 USB drive.
  • You can download the disc image and run Android x86 inside VirtualBox if you want to run it on top of your existing operating system.

So these are the above mentioned four ways you can run Android applications in windows. Choose the best option and enjoy Android in your windows.

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