How to Run Android Apps on Windows 10?

please let me know that how to run android apps on windows 10. if anyone knows then help me.

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Run Android Apps on Windows 10:

This article covers two methods to run Android Apps on Windows 10.

Put BlueStacks on Your Computer to Run Android Apps

One instance of a free Android emulator is BlueStacks. This program simulates Android on your Windows 10 computer as an emulator. If you want quick access to Android games and other apps on Windows, use this method. An Android phone is not required to use an emulator.

  • Install BlueStacks after downloading it to your PC.
  • To find an app to install, use the search bar at the program's top.
  • To download and install the app on your computer, select Install on App Player.

Windows 10 Users Can Mirror Android Using AirDroid

This method requires using an Android device as AirDroid is a free Android app. When installed, it allows you to watch live video from your phone on your computer. With Windows 10, you can use the remote control feature to operate your phone.

Step 1: Put AirDroid on your mobile device.

Step 2: When the app opens, select Sign in. Use one of the methods to log in, like your Google account.

Step 3: To access the files on your phone, tap Continue when prompted for permission.

Step 4: Toggle access to manage all files by tapping the button next to it.

Step 5: When prompted to allow AirDroid to operate in the background, tap Allow.

Step 6: Select OK on the Security & Remote Features screen to proceed with the setup.

Step 7: Navigate to Screen Mirroring > Permit > The ability to activate screen mirroring is still available. You must do this if you wish to view your Android apps and screen from your computer.

Step 8: Choose Proceed with the request to grant display over other applications.

Step 9: From your list of apps, tap AirDroid.

Step 10: Next to Allow display over other apps, tap the toggle.

Step 11: Go to Remote Control > Enable remote control > after returning to AirDroid. Continue to allow it.

Step 12: Installing a small add-on from the Play Store is now required to genuinely allow remote control access from your phone to your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to choose Download and install > Download > Install to accomplish this.

Step 13: Go back to AirDroid and select Allow access > OK.

Step 14: Toggle the Use AirDroid Control Add-on option, then select Allow when prompted.

Step 15: When it appears that the remote control is enabled, tap Done.

Step 16: Select AirDroid Web after tapping the Transfer tab at the app's bottom.

Step 17: The IP address and port number displayed in the AirDroid app should be entered on your PC.

Step 18: Choose a sign-in option from the bottom when AirDroid launches on your PC to access the same account you used to sign in on your phone.

Step 19: From the "Select a device" prompt, choose your Android handset.

Step 20: From your computer's AirDroid desktop, choose Mirroring.

Your Windows computer will display your Android screen in its entirety. Launching apps on your Windows 10 PC from either device lets you see them.


Q1. How can I Link my Windows Computer to my Android Device?

Use a USB cable to connect your PC and phone, then choose Transfer files on your Android device. To view files on your PC, choose Open device > This PC. Or use Bluetooth for a wireless connection.

Q2. Which Emulator for Android is the Best?

Among the most widely used Android emulators for Windows are BlueStacks, Andy, Genymotion, Remix OS, and NoxPlayer. An emulator is also included in Google's Android Studio.

Q3. Can an Android Device Run Windows?

No, but you can access Windows apps on your Android tablet or phone using Microsoft Launcher. With wallpapers, themes, and icons modelled after Windows 10, Microsoft Launcher lets you personalise the appearance of your phone.

Q4. I have Windows 11; can I Use Android Apps?

Sure, Android apps run on Windows 11. The Microsoft Store offers Android apps that you can buy for Windows 11. To run them, you don't need an emulator.

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