How to Search for a Word on a Web Page in Any Browser on Windows 10?

Please let me know that how to search for a word on a web page in any browser on Windows 10. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

Tymal Boult 1   Ans 5 months ago
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Search for a Word on a Web Page in Any Browser on Windows 10:

Have you spent hours searching for specific words or phrases on the internet to get substantial results? Often when we are researching for specific things, finding those words in our search results becomes difficult. Reading and scouring from long paragraphs to find that exact word we are searching for can become tiresome.

Moreover when we find that specific word in our search results, clicking and going through the content to locate that one word to find relevant information becomes an attempt in vain.

When we are doing in-depth research for some project or assignment, searching becomes a long process. Opening tabs after tabs to find the correct phrase or word indulges us into a lot of reading which isn’t even required.

And gathering all that information, hoping to come to a result that makes sense in the end, is not the case always. We read lots of stuff to conclude but are redirected to different links, diverging far off from the phrase or word we needed results for. 

For instance, if we’re looking for something uncommon, the searching becomes all the more difficult. We might have to go on till the 3rd or 4th page of our search results. The best option to solve this is to search for a word on a web page. Not only does it help you find the keyword you are looking for, but it also gives you relevant information about the topic.

While searching for a word or a phrase on a webpage, saves you a lot of effort. You can click only those links with relevant information. It helps you get rid of unnecessary details. Picking up the relevant points around a topic becomes much easier when the specific words or phrases are highlighted. Making use of the search option can help make research more fun and up to the point. 

Now, to search for a word on a web page, here are a few steps you could follow to get the desired results.

  • Open your web browser.
  • Visit the web page, type in your search query, and hit enter.
  • Click Ctrl + F combination and a find bar will pull up.
  • Type the specific word or phrases that you’re looking for and hit enter.
  • The entire web page will focus on the word or phrase and it will be highlighted.

You can follow the same method in different web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and find the desired search results.

Although the method is simple to search for a word on a web page, make sure that there aren’t any spelling errors. Such errors can make your research long and unfruitful. You might land up finding something entirely different despite reading through so many search results. The best option in such cases is to check for any existing grammatical errors before running a search on the web page.

Mick Jone 27 January 2022