How To Separate Yahoo Mail From AT&T Account?

Is there anyone who knows about how to separate Yahoo mail from AT&T account. I have no idea about this. If anyone knows then help me.


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Separate Yahoo Mail From AT&T Account

The merged email accounts would be promptly unmerged once the contract between Yahoo and AT&T has expired, as well as the majority of your data would be saved.

Learn more about the present situation and how to export your emails to some other email service by continuing to read.

Status of AT&T Yahoo Mail

Yahoo and AT&T had made the decision to separate ways and end their joint email service. The division Separate Yahoo Mail From AT&T Account would no longer have access to Yahoo's servers. It indicates that merged accounts would be instantly undone, but the passwords will not change.

The next domains won't let you access your Yahoo account:


This also applies to Tumblr, in which using an email address associated with one of these domains to log in is no longer permitted.

After this update, Yahoo claims you'll need to alter your email to something compatible with their system.

Do You Need To Take Any Action?

You will need to adjust your email address to something more appropriate as a result of the changes.

Step 1: Go to the Yahoo account settings page.

Step 2: The pencil symbol is located next to your email address.

Step 3: Input your password as well as the new address.

Step 4: Save the new information.

You won't need to take any more action because AT&T and Yahoo have already completed the remaining steps within the unmerging procedure.

What Can Be Saved?

The split will cause some of the content from your amalgamated accounts to be saved while other stuff will be removed. Your linked sub accounts' emails, contacts, and other stuff will remain in all of these Yahoo accounts as well.

What Will be Removed? 

  • Nevertheless, any emails from the AT&T account will be destroyed.
  • The email messages, people in your contacts list, events on your calendar, and data from Yahoo services like Yahoo Sports, Groups, and Tumblr.
  • Your AT&T account would've been restored to a new account, and also the data would've been transferred to your new Yahoo account.
  • However, the AT&T sub accounts will continue to be AT&T sub accounts.


The agreement to consolidate their email services under Yahoo's previous contract with AT&T, which had since expired, was the cause of the separation. Yahoo has lost a significant amount of the market share it once held due to the several ownership changes it has experienced over the previous few years.

Yahoo was unable to keep up with changes in the market as better-designed email providers like Gmail and Outlook emerged. Verizon's 2021 sale of its own Yahoo stock to a private equity company only serves to highlight the once-dominant internet company's steady decline.

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