How to Set up & Use Miracast on Windows 10?

Hello Everyone, Please let me know that how to set up & use miracast on windows 10? I am facing this issue last 1 month I don't know how to use it. Help me.

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Set up & Use Miracast on Windows 10

Do you want to mirror your PC screen to another TV or projector wirelessly? Luckily, you have the option to use Miracast technology for Windows. An easy, quick, and secure feature that allows you to project the display of your PC directly to the TV screen. If you are unaware of how to set up & use Miracast on Windows 10, this tutorial will guide you in a step by step manner. 

What is Miracast and how it is useful for Windows 10 users?

Miracast is one of the standards available for wireless connections from devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. to other external displays like TVs or monitors. Broadly, it can be implied as “HDMI over Wi-Fi”, replacing the cable from the device to the display. In the recent scenario, the Miracast feature comes built into the device. Originally offered in Windows 8.1 PC, Miracast allows you to easily create a wireless connection between your computer and other display devices such as Monitors, TVs, and Projectors. With Miracast, you can send up to 1080p HD video (H.264 codec) and 5.1 surround sound which is more than enough for average users.

On the other side, Windows 10 offers the ability to mirror your screen to any dongle or device (streaming box, TV) that is compatible with the popular Miracast standard since its arrival in 2015. Microsoft OS conveniently allows your PC to become the wireless display, which is receiving Miracast signals from a phone, tablet, or other Windows 10 laptop or desktop system. So, if you own a small Windows 10-powered computer that is hooked up to your TV, it can also work as a wireless display dongle for your phone or laptop. When you set up & use Miracast on Windows 10 computer, you can extend rather than duplicate the exact screen. This means that if you are playing a movie on the receiving display, you can send emails to the primary one. This can be compared to taking a Windows 10 tablet, placing it up next to your laptop, and using it as a second monitor on the road.

How to check Miracast compatibility on your device?

Before you proceed to set up & use Miracast on Windows 10, it's essential to know whether your device supports the Miracast option or not.

Step 1: In the first step, press ‘Win+R’ on your keyboard and then type in ‘dxdiag’ and press the Enter button.

Step 2: Next, press the ‘Save all Information’ button which is located at the bottom side and save the text file at the desired location.

Step 3: Now, launch the saved text file and check for the ‘Miracast’ option. Next to it, you will see the current availability status.

Step 4: Lastly, click on the ‘Add a Device’ option and allow the adapter to appear on the list.  Further, click on the receiving adapter and that’s the end of the process. With this step, you have completed the set up for the wireless display. 

Additionally, you can now configure both the displays by pressing ‘Win+P’ and selecting a relevant option. But in case, that doesn't work for you, simply repeat the steps again, and check. Probably, this solution will help you to set up & use Miracast on Windows 10.

What if your Windows 10 Miracast is not working?

There are certain times when you face problems in making Miracast work with your device. Yes, you might get troubled while you set up & use Miracast on Windows 10 system. For instance, you may receive a not supported message or there may be no sound. However, if these conditions exist, you can try these listed suggestions:

If the connection is not working for your system or device, the first thing you need is to check your device drivers. Do make sure that all the display and Wi-Fi drivers are all up to date without giving any errors. Moreover, your computer must support a Wi-Fi direct feature as well.

If you still face the problem even after updating and installing proper drivers, then it is recommended to try out another adapter. It is advised and recommended to opt for the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. With the availability in a range of manufacturers and a variety of products, there could be any potential compatibility issues. If that too doesn't work, then the last and final step is to contact the respective manufacturer, and ask for a reliable solution to the problem.

Hope this intuitive guide to set up & use Miracast on Windows 10 is helpful for the readers.

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