How to Troubleshoot Bluetooth Driver for Windows 10?

Hello, Please let me know that how to troubleshoot bluetooth driver for windows 10?.I don't know why Bluetooth Driver are not starting. help me in fixing Bluetooth Driver troubleshoot issue.


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Troubleshoot Bluetooth Driver for Windows 10

How convenient is to share important files and media through Windows 10 Bluetooth driver? Yes, Bluetooth driver lets you wirelessly connect Bluetooth devices to your computer. However, there are some situations when the Bluetooth device drivers fail to work, connect or become intermittent. Such unresponsive Bluetooth Drivers become a real burden on Windows 10 computers especially when the devices are supposed to automatically reconnect once in range. So, this guide gives you different methods to troubleshoot Bluetooth driver for Windows 10. 

What are the different types of issues with Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver?

In order to troubleshoot Bluetooth driver for Windows 10, you can apply any of the following:

  • Bluetooth cannot be turned on or off (when the icon is missing)
  • Bluetooth is not showing in the Device Manager
  • Bluetooth is not working after Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1
  • Bluetooth is not working after an update
  • If any of the above issue applies then continue reading to troubleshoot Bluetooth driver for Windows 10 system.

Method 1: Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on

The first important step is to ensure that your Bluetooth was not inadvertently switched off. It's easy to check using the following steps:

1. Click the Start button and find Settings.

2. From the Windows Settings, choose Devices.

3. In the device menu, navigate to Bluetooth & other devices and ensure that the Bluetooth slider is switched on. If the Bluetooth slide is already on, then try to toggle the switch off and back on after few minutes.

Note: Some laptops feature an external Bluetooth switch.

Method 2: Switch off Airplane mode

You might have mistakenly switched on the Airplane mode. Most of the laptops normally come with an Airplane button that can be toggled on or off. You can also turn it off with the following steps:

1. Firstly, click on Start button and search for Settings.

2. In Settings, select Network & Internet.

3. Now, go to the Airplane mode and ensure that the Airplane mode toggle is set to on.

Method 3: Check the Bluetooth Device

Certainly, there are devices in which Bluetooth isn't enabled by default. So, it is crucial to check your product information on turning on your product’s Bluetooth. Some common device Bluetooth remedies are: 

1. Turn off the device and wait for a moment before turning it on again.

2. Ensure that the device is in range

3. Keep your device away from unshielded USB devices that might interfere with its Bluetooth.

4. When your device’s Bluetooth becomes functional, continue reading the further guide. 

Method 4: Reinstall your Device

Reinstalling the Bluetooth device is another best to troubleshoot Bluetooth driver for Windows 10. 

1. For this, you need to navigate to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.

2. Now in the Other devices section, go to the device that is having issues. 

3. Lastly, select Remove device and then Yes.

Method 5: Reconnect your Bluetooth Device

1. Using the settings menu, click on Add Bluetooth & other devices.

2. Here, click on Bluetooth.

3. Now, choose the device you want to add.

Note: Few devices require a pin to pair or connect. Usually, this default pin ranges from 0000 or 1234. You can either check the device documentation for exact information. So when asked, enter the pin using the keyboard. While pairing up a phone, make sure that the number on the phone and computer matches.

Method 6: Fixing Bluetooth Audio

Another method to troubleshoot Bluetooth driver for Windows 10 is to fix the Bluetooth audio settings. Generally, the connectivity with a Bluetooth speaker may come into question when it results into low-quality audio. However, this can be because of Bluetooth settings opened into discovery mode. This connectivity issue can be corrected by closing settings so that the Bluetooth is not constantly searching for new devices.

When the speaker is paired but not playing, a different audio device is set to default. You can fix the issue using the following steps:

1. Firstly, turn on the speaker.

2.  Now, search for Sound in Windows Start.

3. Lastly, select your audio device and set it to Default. 

Method 7: Launch Windows 10 Troubleshooter

Based on the issue, you can try Windows Bluetooth troubleshooter to troubleshoot Bluetooth driver for Windows 10 using the following steps: 

1. Initially, open the Start menu and select the Settings.

2. In the Settings tab, go to Update & Security section.

3. Now, select the Troubleshoot from the sidebar and then select Bluetooth option.

4. Further, you can follow the prompts in the Windows guided solution. 

Following the above discussed methods, this guide should definitely work to troubleshoot Bluetooth driver for Windows 10 system.

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