How to Update Drivers After Upgrading to Windows 10?

Hello, Please let me know that how to update drivers after upgrading to windows 10. I have updated my windows 10 but now i don't know about driver upgrading in windows 10. Help me.

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Do you need help with finding out the drivers of Windows 10 and how to use these drivers or how to install them? Then I am going to tell you the whole procedure of How to update Drivers in Windows 10 Automatically.

Windows is a great operating system that was produced by Microsoft and it works great everywhere. The New user interface of Windows 10 and the other prospects make it an exciting OS to use. The start menu returned with the launch of Windows 10 which disappeared in Windows 8. We got a different type of start menu which many of the users didn’t like and some people hate it. But Microsoft fixed that issue with Windows 10.

Updating Drivers in Windows 10 Automatically-

Whatever the reason due to which the drivers are not working in Windows 10 but we will try to fix the problem with different ways so that you can rectify the issue. Here are the possible solutions to Update Drivers automatically in Windows 10.

Updating Drivers Through Windows Update-

It takes time from the manufacturer side to publish updates of their drivers through Windows Update, but this method is still the best way through which Microsoft signed.

Step 1 : To update Windows, Click on the Start Menu and Go into settings

Step 2 : Then find the option of Update and Security and click on that option.

Step 3 : Now, you will see the option of Windows Update.

Step 4 : Now, select the option of Check For Updates.

Step 5 : After the Windows downloads and installs the update, if there is some malfunction in the driver or some driver is missing, Windows Update will solve the problem automatically.

Updating Drivers with the Help of Device Manager-

This is the second option in which you can download updates with the help of Device Manager. Through this step, you can update each individual driver either automatically or with a full manual procedure. To go into Device Manager and update drivers follow these steps.

Step 1 : Click on Start

Step 2 : Start typing Device Manager, the Start menu will show the results of the Device Manager. Click on it.

Step 3 : Now you will see options. Double on the particular option to open it for updating of drivers.

Step 4 : Now, right click on the particular option and select Update Driver.

Step 5 : Select the option of Search automatically for Updated Driver Software.

Now, check every option for driver updates through this procedure. If the updates are available then let it complete.

If you have the drivers available that you have downloaded from the manufacturer’s website then you can repeat the steps 1-4 from the above procedure and later select the second option Browse my computer for driver software.

Upgrading Graphics Drivers on Windows 10-

It’s recommended not to update drivers generally but graphics manufacturers are generally pushing updates to make the graphics better and make the displays better and PC games better.

Generally, companies like Nvidia, AMD and Intel have their own software’s that check for the graphic driver updates regularly. Through their software, you can check the driver updates and install them easily. This the way How to Update Drivers In Windows 10 Automatically.

Morris Ivan 12 May 2021